FLIR T420 Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera

FLIR T420 Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera

Rp. 268,500,000
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The FLIR T420 Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera represents thermal imaging’s most ergonomic and flexible hand-held cameras. The FLIR T-420 features a rotating optical block that lets the user point the lens up or down along a 120° axis while keeping the large 3.5” (89mm) color touch screen relaxed at eye level while scanning targets from tough angles without stress. Using the 320 X 240 pixels high resolution sensor, the FLIR T420 infrared Thermal camera arms users with superior infrared imaging resolution that works harder to reveal trouble spots.

The new FLIR T420 is a substantial upgrade from the previous T400 series, utilizing a new parallax based auto-focus which operates at twice the speed of traditional auto-focus in thermal cameras. Other versatile imaging capabilities include scalable picture-in-picture and thermal fusion for easier image identification and added context.

Superior IR Images – Sharp thermal resolution at 76,800 pixels for solid accuracy from farther away.
Advanced Optics – The widest array of lens options to fit the view and spot size you need for your application.
Scalable P-i-P & Thermal Fusion – Blend thermal with visible light images onscreen for easy identification; includes picture-in-picture window sizing.
Delta T & Multiple Measurement Tools – Powerful onscreen analytics include differential temperature, 5 measurement spots, 5 box areas, isotherm and more for detailed analysis.
Annotation – Add voice or text comments to images or use the touch screen to sketch notes and drawings; include additional measurements with Extech MeterLink clamp and moisture meters.
Built-in 3.1 MP Digital Camera for Location Reference Photos
Rotating Optical Block for Comfortable Aiming & Viewing
3.5" Bright Touchscreen for Quick Access to Images, Camera Tools, & Analytics
Joystick & Large Backlit Buttons for Gloved Operation

Accuracy    ±2% or 2°C
IR Pixel Resolution    76,800 (320 × 240)
Thermal Sensitivity    <0.045°C
Temperature Range    -4°F to 1,202°F (-20°C to 650°C)
Optional to 2,192°F (1,200°C)
Display    Built-in touch-screen Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) 3.5"
Measurement Modes    5 modes: 5 Spotmeters, 5 Area Boxes,
Isotherm, Auto hot/cold spot, Delta T
Spot Mode    5 moveable
Frame Rate    60 Hz
Field of View    25° × 19°
Optional Lenses    7: 6°, 15° Tele, 45° Wide, 90°; Close up: 100, 50 μm
Focus    Manual and Automatic
Digital Zoom    4x
Picture in Picture    Scalable PIP
Min. Focus Distance    0.4 m (1.31 ft)