VALEPORT Model 106 Self Recording Lightweight Current Meter

VALEPORT Model 106 Self Recording Lightweight Current Meter

Rp. 335,000,000
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Current Meters and Open Channel Meters have been a speciality of Valeport's since the company was first formed in 1969. The company started making instruments for measuring the speed of the water in London's River Thames,  since then our product range has grown, but our expertise in current flow measurement remains.
Whichever type of instrument your require, whether it's the traditional impeller mechanism, or the high accuracy electromagnetic type, Valeport can offer a solution. Configurations are available that are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, from hand held measurements in the smallest streams, through modelling experiments in the laboratory, to self-contained instruments for navigable rivers, estuaries, ROVs and the deep ocean.
Our impeller instruments use the simple premise of measuring the speed of rotation of a helix in the water. PTFE bearings eliminate the need for specialised lubricants and the magnetic contact closure minimises the moving parts in the system - this also allows the sensor itself to be remote from the measuring electronics (ideal in deep water applications).

The electromagnetic sensors use the Faraday Principle to measure the water speed. As a conductor (water) moves through an electromagnetic field (generated by the sensor), it generates a voltage that is measured by the sensor electrodes. Modern day signal conditioning electronics and filtering techniques allow highly accurate measurements to be made, and there is a choice of sensor shapes and sizes to suit the application. The solid state sensors and standard titanium / polyurethane construction provide excellent corrosion resistance, and depth ratings up to 5000m.
Contact our Sales team to discuss your Current Meter requirements, and decide on the right instrument for the job.

The Model 106 Direct Reading Current Meter is a light-weight, cost effective impeller current meter, designed for real time current measurement or short to medium term autonomous deployments. Titanium construction ensures durability, and the optional temperature and pressure sensors increase the versatility of the instrument. It is ideal for use in rivers and coastal applications, or from small boats, the Model 106 is simple to use with either the Windows based PC software supplied, or an optional dedicated display unit.

Technical Specification
Sensors - Speed    Type: High Impact Styrene Impeller
     Size: 125mm (4.92") diameter by 270mm (pitch)
     Range: 0.03 to 5m/s
     Accuracy: ±1.5% of reading above 0.15m/s, ±0.004m/s below 0.15m/s
Sensors - Direction    Type: Flux gate compass
     Range: 0 to 360°
     Resolution: 0.5°C
     Accuracy: ± 2.5°
Sensors - Temperature    Type: Thermistor
     Range: -5 to 35°C
     Accuracy: ± 0.2°C
     Resolution: 0.01°C
Sensors - Pressure    Type: Strain Gauge Transducer
     Range: 50, 100, 200 or 500 dBar
     Accuracy: ± 0.2% Range
     Resolution: 0.025% Range
Display Unit    Model 106 may be used with a dedicated display unit for real time operations. The display unit allows instrument setup and data display.
     Protection: IP67 (10 secs @ 0.3m / 11.8")
Power    Internal: 1 x D cell. 1.5v alkaline cell gives approx. 30 days @ 10 second sample rate, or 56 days @ 5 minutes sample rate. 3.6v lithium cel
     External: 12-20v DC
Instrument    Material: Titanium, acetal and ABS plastic
     Depth Rating: 500m (1640ft)
Data Recovery    Direct to PC via communications port. Maximum RS232 data rate of 19200 baud.
Switching on/off    The meters are switched on/off through software control. It is also fitted with a sea switch mechanism which means that it will not operate