IMADA NLH-220 Series Manual Horizontal Test Stand

IMADA NLH-220 Series Manual Horizontal Test Stand

Rp. 38,500,000
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The NLH-220 Horizontal Lever Operated Force Measurement Test Stand provides maximum versatility, reliability and great value. Testing by hand can create inconsistent results and unreliable data.

Easy to Use
Rubber feet and a rugged metal construction provide a stable platform for tension or compression testing. The NLH-220 is unaffected by gravity and does not employ a return spring, making it perfect for crimp testing and force testing where rapid sample loading is desirable. A horizontal setup creates unlimited clearance, and can also be ideal for testing very large objects.

For applications requiring distance measurement, the NLH-220-S is equipped with a digital distance meter to measure displacement. The digital distance meter has PC output capabilities. The stand will accommodate any of the standard range Imada force gauges. The large working platform has a 7 x 3 array of M8 holes to accommodate a variety of  holding fixtures. AP-002 Adapter Plate is available to mount most other brand force gauges to Imada test stands.

Tension and compression testing
Horizontal positioning is easy to control
Lever action allows for rapid testing
Large work area accommodates a wide variety of samples
Stroke 2″
Maximum load 220 lbf (100 kgf)

What's In The Box:
(1) NLH-220 Manual Horizontal Test Stand  220 lbs (100 kg)
(1) Manual