HORIBA U52G with 10 Meter Cable Water Quality Meter

HORIBA U52G with 10 Meter Cable Water Quality Meter

Rp. 145,000,000
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Support for eleven parameters including pH, ORP, DO, conductivity, salinity, TDS, seawater specific gravity, temperature, turbidity, and water depth.
One touch calibration for checking pH, DO, conductivity, turbidity, and water depth.
Simultaneous on-screen display of all eleven parameters.
On-screen icon displays battery, GPS, USP and probe connectivity.
GPS capabilities included with the U-52G and U-53G.
High sensitivity turbidity sensor included (U-52, U-53).
Membrane cap for simple replacement of DO sensor.
Hand-held transmitter and sensor probe.
Shock-resistant cover.
Easy connect/disconnect of cable to control unit.
Backlit LCD display with on-screen instructions and two font sizes.
Designed for easy one-hand operation.

U-52G Parameter: pH, ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), DO (Dissolved Oxygen), Conductivity, Salinity, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), Seawater Specific Gravity, Turbidity (LED),Temperature, Water Depth and GPS (Global Positioning System).

Use the Horiba U-50 series multiparameter water quality meter to simultaneously measure and view the monitoring result of up to eleven parameters, including pH, oxidation reduction potential (ORP), dissolved oxygen (DO), conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids (TDS), seawater specific gravity, temperature, turbidity, and water depth, with one device. GPS capabilities are included with the U-52G and U-53G. View the specifications sheet for more information about ranges, resolution, repeatability, and accuracy for all parameters.

The U-50 series control unit features a shock-resistant cover, one-handed operation of all functions and an easy-to-read backlit LCD with on-screen display of measurement parameters, battery power, GPS, USB connectivity, probe unit connectivity, and on-screen instructions. A quick connect feature allows the U-50 control unit cable to be easily and quickly connected or disconnected. All 11 parameters are displayed simultaneously on screen, a larger font size is available, and variable display technology compensates when used in extreme ambient lighting conditions. The U-50’s auto-calibration feature facilitates trouble-free calibration of conductivity, pH, DO, depth, and turbidity.

U-50 series sensor probe features include chemical resistant materials and construction, field replaceable sensors, an ultra-sensitive turbidity sensor (high sensitivity available for U-53 and U-53), a dissolved oxygen sensor with screw-on-type membrane cap which requires minimal maintenance, and an optional ToupH pH electrode which is difficult to break. Data management features of the U-50 include an auto-hold function to freeze average data values so they can be transcribed easily, a diagnostic function which notifies the user of errors, selective measurement units so the operator can report data without converting units, and a USB connection for interface with and data management through a PC.

Includes:  Control Unit, Sensor Probe Unit with Cable, Calibration Cup, 500ml pH 4 Solution, 250ml Model 330 Reference Solution, Backpack, DO Membrane Repair Kit with 1 Spare Membrane Cap, pH Sensor, ORP Sensor, DO Sensor, Spanner Wrench, Cleaning Brush, 4 LR14 Batteries, Hand Strap, and Silicon Grease.

Specifications: Product Type: Multiparameter Meter. Meter style: Portable. Dimensions (" W): 4.5. Dimensions (" H): 11-1/8. Dimensions (" D): 2-5/8. Dimensions (" L): 13-3/8 (probe). Dimensions (" Dia): 3-3/4 (probe). Range (pH): 0.00 to 14.00. Range (mV)     ± 2000. Range (Conductivity):  0 to 100 mS/cm. Range (TDS):  0 to 100 g/L. Range (Salinity): 0 to 70 ppt. Range (Dissolved oxygen):   0 to 50 mg/L. Range (Temperature °C): 5 to 50. Resolution (pH):  0.1/0.01. Resolution (Temperature): 0.01. Resolution (mV): 1. Resolution (Conductivity): 0.1% full-scale. Resolution (TDS): 0.1% FS. Resolution (Dissolved Oxygen):  0.01 mg/L. Resolution (Salinity):  0.1 ppt, 0.01%. Accuracy (pH): ±0.1 pH. Accuracy (Temperature): ±0.3°C. Accuracy (mV): ±15 mV. Accuracy (Conductivity):   ±1% full-scale. Accuracy (TDS):  ±5 mg/L. Accuracy (Salinity):  ±3 ppt. Accuracy (Dissolved Oxygen):  ±0.2 mg/L. Temperature compensation: Automatic. Display: LCD. Interface: USB. Buffer recognition:  USA, NIST, DIN. Power:  Four C batteries (included).  Battery life: 70 hours. Datalogging (points): 10,000. CE Compliance:  Yes. Brand:  Horiba.