MEGGER SVERKER 750 Programma Relay Test Set

MEGGER SVERKER 750 Programma Relay Test Set

Rp. 345,000,000
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Megger SVERKER750 Multifunction Single Phase Relay Test Set Details
The Megger SVERKER750 is the engineer's toolbox for secondary testing of protective relay equipment. The SVERKER750 can be used to test a wide variety of equipment, including overcurrent relays, inverse time overcurrent relays, undercurrent relays, ground fault relays, directional overcurrent relays, undervoltage relays, power factor relays, time-delayed relays and much, much more.

Whether you're new to the SVERKER family or have used other models such as the SVERKER650 in the past, the SVERKER750's intuitive interface with local layout and built-in digital screen make the system as simple to use as possible. Once configured, the SVERKER750 can be used to measure and display time, voltage, current, Z, R, X, S, P, Q, phase angle and cos φ.

You can also use the Megger SVERKER750 for a wide variety of other applications including plotting excitation curves, current/voltage transformer ratio tests, burden measurements, impedance measurements, efficiency tests, polarity tests and more. For added convenience the SVERKER750 even comes with a useful carrying handle for easy porting from test to test.

Megger SVERKER750 Relay Test Set Key Features
Portable solution for testing a wide variety of single phase relays
Built-in carrying handle for easy transportation
Rugged and reliable design for field use
Logical design with simple interface
Display can show time, voltage, current, Z, R, X, S, P, Q, phase angle and cos φ
Intergated voltmeter and ammeter
Variable voltage source
Serial port for communication with PC and SVERKER Win PC software (software sold separately)
Two SVERKER units can be synchronised to create a basic 3-phase test set
Suitable for voltage relays with frequency range from 15Hz up to 550Hz
Use to plot excitation curves
Suitable for burden measurements on protective relays
Impedance, efficiency and polarity measurement possible

What's Included?
Megger SVERKER750 Relay Test Set (230V)
Test Lead Set (GA-00030)
Transport Case

Optional Accessories
CD-8102X: SVERKER Win PC Software + RS232/USB Cables (please specify SVERKER serial number when ordering)
CSU20A: 230V Current and Voltage Source
PSS750: Phase Selector Switch
AA-00100: Cable Organiser (Velcro Straps x 10)