SBS 6500 Battery Capacity Tester Kit

SBS 6500 Battery Capacity Tester Kit

Rp. 135,000,000
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Storage Battery System SBS-6500 analyzer is a multipurpose resistance and voltage testing kit. It has a storage capacity of 7.5 million data records for capturing and analyzing the entire history and details of up to 300 battery systems. Through your PC, or while on-site, the SBS-6500 can be programmed with site names, battery details and pass/warning/fail alarm set points for resistance measurements (pass/fail for voltage).

All data is retained in the meter’s internal memory for on-site comparisons and historical trending. It connects to a PC via USB to create custom graphical reports in PDF, Excel or Word formats.The SBS-6500 will also directly import specific gravity readings from an optional SBS-2003 digital hydrometer, storing voltage, resistance, temperature and gravity readings inside the SBS-6500 tester for future reference/reporting.

Includes software package for storing and analyzing results
Individually name and set parameters for each battery string (up to 300 strings)
Large 3.8" LCD backlit display
Download specific gravity readings wirelessly into the SBS-6500 with the SBS-2003 digital hydrometer - no separate data logger required
Meets IEEE and NERC maintenance recommendations for stationary battery systems
Tests flooded lead-acid, VRLA, Ni-Cad, Li-ion & NiMH batteries
Voltage testing range is 0–100Vdc
IEC 6101-1 CAT II 300V Safety Standard
Built-in rechargeable NiMH battery
Automatically measures and stores data
Communicates to PC through USB port
Storage battery resistance testing: automatically switches within the test range 1 mΩ to 400 mΩ and resistance measurement resolution reaches 1 mΩ
Resistance test each connection in under 5 seconds
Test results are compared to preset, user-defined alarm and set point values
Generates and displays the battery string’s single cell test report and comparison data
On-screen pass / warning / fail indication during testing based on set parameters
Can view all historical data on handheld unit

What's in the Box:
(1) Main unit
(1) Pin probe
(1) NiMH battery & charger
(1) USB cable
(1) Quick start guide
(1) Software
(1) Carrying case