MEGGER Torkel 930 Battery Load Unit

MEGGER Torkel 930 Battery Load Unit

Rp. 475,000,000
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Megger Torkel 930 Battery Load Unit
The Megger Torkel 930 Battery Load Unit is suitable for use in high-voltage substations and other industrial environments. It performs load/discharge testing and therefore assesses actual capacity on battery systems measuring between 12 and 300V.

The Torkel 930 can discharge at up to 220A, thus shortening test time, and current can be increased even further by linking two Torkels or adding an additional TXL load unit. The user can choose from large constant output ranges over current, power, and resistance in addition to the option of pre-selected load profile. Battery systems can be negatively or positively grounded or free-floating and total battery current can be evaluated using a DC clamp probe (sold separately).

Batteries can be measured in service for added convenience and the user gets real-time readings on the 7” touch screen during testing. The Torkel 930 has the capacity for battery voltage monitoring (BVM, accessory sold separately) which allows automatic battery cell voltage logging during capacity tests. For greater accuracy, inputs for separate sensing cables overcome the problem of voltage drop caused by long current cables or high current.

The supplied Torkel Viewer software allows measurements to be collated and viewed on a computer after simple transfer by a USB stick (included) but results are also saved on the device if immediate data transfer is not practical.

Safety is a very important aspect of the Megger Torkel 930 as it features an input for an external alarm, an internal buzzer alarm and an emergency stop as well as automatic shutdown and airflow disruption detection. The alarm and auto-shutdown levels are adjustable and thermal cut out provides additional safety.

The Megger Torkel 930 is supplied with a cable set, a soft case for cables, Torkel Viewer software, a USB memory stick and a carry case. With BVM functionality in addition to data-report and safety features, it is an advanced, accurate load/discharge tester that can provide precise actual battery capacity readings over impressive ranges.

Key Features
Suitable for batteries between 12V and 300V
220A max. discharge
Discharges at constant power, resistance, current, or pre-selected option
Batteries can be tested in service
Adjustable alarm and shutdown levels
Blocked airflow detection and emergency stop
Simple transfer to computer via supplied USB memory stick
EC61010-1:2010 / IEC61010-2-030 / IEC613626-1
7” touch screen
BVM functionality
Data analysis with Torkel Viewer software

Supplied Accessories
Megger Torkel 930 Battery Load Unit (CS-19391)
Megger Torkel 930 Battery Load Unit instructions
Mains cable
Cable set, 2 x 3m, 70mm2 (GA-09550)
Soft case for cables (GD-00360)
Torkel Viewer software (CS-8010X)
USB memory stick (HF-10020)
Transport case 670 x 400 x 51mm (GD-00955)