SHAW Model SADP Analog Automatic Dew Point Meter

SHAW Model SADP Analog Automatic Dew Point Meter

Rp. 125,000,000
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Model SADPu Dewpoint Hygrometer
SHAW Automatic Dewpoint Hygrometer - the worlds leading portable hygrometer is now manufactured, under license, by Alpha Moisture Systems.

• Analogue or Digital Display
• Intrinsically Safe for use in Hazardous Areas
• Automatic Calibration
• Desiccant Dry-Down Chamber for rapid measurements
• Over 150 hours continuous operation
• Self Contained and fully portable
• Simple to operate

This Classic and retro product has been in production for nearly 50 years, this unit has stood the test of time and it’ s popularity is demonstrated by the fact that it can be found in every industrialised country in the world. It remains the benchmark in portable hygrometry for measuring absolute humidities down to one part per million and below.

Built to the exacting demands stipulated by SHAW, the robust and easy to use Model SADP Dewpoint Hygrometer has, at its heart, the world renown SHAW High Capacitance Sensor with the unique Automatic Calibration feature.
Designed to operate at atmospheric pressure, the instrument is available in a variety of sensor ranges, covering an overall range of -110° C to + 20° C dewpoint.

Includes as standard:
Sensor, batteries installed, Calibration Certificate, two metres PTFE sampling hose, instruction manual, leather case/fabric case, pressure calculator, screw driver and Allen key.