AEMC OX5042 (2150.21) Portable Oscilloscope 2-Channel 40MHz

AEMC OX5042 (2150.21) Portable Oscilloscope 2-Channel 40MHz

Rp. 55,000,000
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The compact, shockproof, IP54, AEMC OX5042-CK Handscope Portable Oscilloscope can be comfortably held in one hand. The Handscope is an ergonomically designed instrument equipped with a color screen and LED backlighting for precise, crisp data display. Integrated multilingual help screens are available at all times to make it simpler to use.

2 MB of storage are available for recording data. In the multimeter mode, it is possible to store graphic recordings of 2700 measurements from 5 min to 1 month.

Isolated USB communication with the SCPI protocol is available. This makes it simple to program the instrument remotely with the supplied SX-METRO software. This AEMC OX5042-CK 2Ch, 40MHz Handscope Portable Oscilloscope has been developed using an Eco-Design approach to reduce their environmental impact and is supplied with a 3-year warranty.

2 totally isolated channels
Three Instruments in One: 
-  40MHz Oscilloscope
-  Double 8000-count TRMS Multimeter / Power Analyzer
- Harmonic Analyzer
Recording Capacity
8-hour Battery Life
Integrated Multilingual Help Function
3.5" Color LCD Screen

What's In The Box:
(1) OX5042-CK Handscope Oscilloscope
(1) Soft Hand-held Carrying Case
(2) Probe 10:1 600V/BNC-M
(1) BNC Adapter
(1) USB Cable + Driver
(1) Set of two, color-coded leads, test probes and clips
(1) Power Supply 15W, 10-240V, 12V
(1) US Adapter for the power supply
(2) CD-ROMs (software and manual)
(6) 1.2V NiMH rechargeable batteries 2700mA/h