OWON MSO8202T Mixed Logic Analyzer Oscilloscope

OWON MSO8202T Mixed Logic Analyzer Oscilloscope

Rp. 28,500,000
Harga dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu mengikuti perkembangan kurs rupiah terhadap mata uang asing lainnya sehingga sangat mungkin terjadi adanya perbedaan harga yang berlaku dengan harga yang tertera pada website kami.

2 in 1 ( DSO+LA )
8 inch LCD color display
Support USB for data transmission to PC
USB Flash Disk Storage
20 Automatic Measurements
Max.2M record length
Slope trigger and pulse trigger added

The new MSO8202T offers a 16 channel logic-analyser and a digital storage oscilloscope in one device for a really good price. The colorful TFT LCD panel with the resolution of 640 × 480 makes the wave easy to read, especially when a big data or many wave covered reciprocally. The MSO8202T offers 200 MHz bandwidth at a sample rate of 2 GSa/s in oscilloscope mode and up to 66 MHz bandwidth at a sample rate of 400 MSa/s in logic-analyser mode.

Power cord
Logic analyzer module
User's Manual
USB data cable
Probe adjust

Bandwidth:  200MHz
Sample rate(Real time): 2GS/s (1GS/s for dual channels)
Horizontal Scale(S/div): 1ns/div~100s/div, step by 1~2~5
Rise time (at input, typical):  ≤1.7ns
Channels: Dual channels + external trigger
Display: 8.0" color LCD, TFT screen, 640×480 pixels, 65535 colors
Input impedance: 1MΩ±2%, in parallel with 15pF±5pF
Channels Isolation:  50Hz: 100 : 1, 10MHz: 40 : 1
Max. input voltage: 400V (DC + AC PK-PK)
Record length: Max.2M points
Probe attenuation factor: 1X,10X,100X,1000X
Interpolation: (sin x)/x
Vertical resolution (A/D): 8 bit (2 channels simultaneously)
Vertical sensitivity: 2mV/div~10V/div(at input)
DC gain accuracy:  ±3%
DC accuracy(Average): Average>16:±(3% reading+0.05div) for ΔV
Acquisition modes: Sample, Peak Detect and Average
Trigger type: Edge, Video, Alternate, Pulse, Slope
Cursor measurement :  ΔV and ΔT between cursors
Waveform Math: +, -, ×, ÷, FFT
Waveform storage:  4 waveforms
Trigger mode:  Auto, Normal, Single
Communication interface:  USB, Support USB Flash Disk Storage
Cymometer:  Available
Power supply:  100V-240V ACRMS, 50/60Hz, CATII
Fuse:  1A, T grade , 250V

Logic Analyzer Characteristics
Sample rate (real time): 20S/s-400MS/s
Bandwidth:  66MHz
Threshold voltage:  ±10V (4 settings)
Input signal range:  ±15V
Channels:  16
Record length:  4M/channel
Input impedance:  1MΩ±2%
Trigger position setting:  pre-trigger, mid-trigger, re-trigger
Trigger mode:  Edge trigger, Bus trigger, Pattern trigger, Sequential queue trigger, Data width trigger, Distributed queue trigger
Data System:  Binary system, Decimal system, Hex
Data search:  Available
Digital filter: 0, 1, 2 optional
Storage setting: 10 settings