MEGGER OTS80AF 80KV Laboratory Oil Tester

MEGGER OTS80AF 80KV Laboratory Oil Tester

Rp. 365,000,000
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Megger OTS80AF 80kV Laboratory Oil Tester Details
An upgraded version of Megger' s OTS60AF laboratory oil tester, the OTS80AF is capable of accurately determining the breakdown voltage level of insulating oil by applying test voltages of up to 80kV.

The tester is suitable for use on mineral, ester and silicon insulating liquids and features a lock-in precision oil vessel with lockable adjustment to hold the sample safely within the testing chamber. Once this is inserted and the lid is shut the tester will gradually apply voltage levels to the oil sample until breakdown of the insulating liquid takes place. Information about this process is relayed through a full-colour LCD screen that is built into the front of the tester and it is also possible to directly view the sample breakdown taking place by looking through a transparent lid on the top of the device. Once inserted into the chamber and locked down the oil sample is safe and if any problems occur the system can be shut off instantly to safely disperse high voltage levels.

As standard the OTS60AF comes with a selection of universal oil testing sequences and also allows the user to configure up to three test sequences depending on preference and need. The oil vessel included as standard with the tester is 400ml, but it is also possible to purchase a 150ml optional vessel as well for the use of smaller samples.

To make sure you' ve got extensive documentation about oil testing the OTS60AF is compatible with PCs and printers to manage asset information and to print off testing records.

Megger OTS80AF 80kV Laboratory Oil
Tester Key Features
Applies gradually stepped voltage up to 80kV to measure the breakdown point of insulating liquids
Suitable for use on mineral, ester and silicon insulating liquids
Lockable oil vessel ( 400ml) 
Full colour LCD screen that can be seen in direct sunlight
Safe dispersal of high voltage levels thanks to incredibly fast shut down time
Interface directly with printers and PC for documentation keeping
Alpha numerical keypad allows adjustments to be made to asset data
Easy to clean after testing has taken place
Transparent lid for viewing inside the testing chamber

Full List of Products Included
Megger OTS80AF 80kV Laboratory Oil Tester
400ml Oil Vessel
2 x Magnetic Bead Stirrers
Magnetic Bead Retriever
Electrode Gauge Set ( 1, 2, 2.5 and 2.54mm) 
User Manual on CD-ROM
PowerDB Lite Software Package