MEGGER KF LAB MkII Karl Fischer Moisture In Oil Test Sets

MEGGER KF LAB MkII Karl Fischer Moisture In Oil Test Sets

Rp. 255,000,000
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Over 20 years experience has led to the development of the Megger KF875 and KF-LAB MkII Coulometric Karl Fischer Test Sets designed to determine moisture in oil, to provide highly accurate results on-site. The KF875 and KF-LAB MkII are highly portable instruments, complete with integral printer and carrying case, are easy to use and provide highly accurate results.

The KF-LAB MkII allows the titration of samples with a range of specific gravities from 0.60 to 1.40 and also permits the use of different sample sizes. The KF-LAB MkII also has a default setting optimized for analyzing insulating oils with an SG of 0.875. This means it can be used to measure water content in a variety of different materials but is also easy to set up for transformer insulating oils

Megger KF-LAB MkII Test Set Features
Highly portable.
Titration method: Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration.
Electrolysis control: Patented “ ACE” control system.
Measuring range: 1 µ g - 10 mg water.
Moisture range: 1 ppm - 100% .
Method storage: 10 programmable methods.
Statistics: Upto 99 runs, User programmable.
Automatic compensation for errors due to cell resistance.
Line or battery operated.
Uses any commercially available reagents.
Calendar / clock: Analysis time & date print out.
Display: 40 character alphanumeric backlit display.
Printer: 42 character high speed thermal printer.
Dimensions: 250 x 245 x 120mm.
Weight: 3kg ( without carry case) .
Megger KF LAB MkII Warranty: 1 year.

Included Accessories: 
Titration vessel, detector & generator electrodes, power pack, car adapter, drying tube, injection septa ( 10) , 1ml glass syringe, luer needle, bottle of molecular sieve, stirrer bar, funnel & Megger KF-LAB MkII operating instructions.