FLUKE Networks TS100 Pro Cable Fault Finder

FLUKE Networks TS100 Pro Cable Fault Finder

Rp. 25,000,000
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Invest in the right tool for all your technicians. The new TS® 100 PRO Cable Fault Finder with PowerBT™ Bridge Tap Detect not only provides open/ short circuit detection— to 8, 000 feet ( 2.4 kilometres) — but is also a telecom technician’ s first line of defense against bridge taps. Because bridge taps are a significant source of DSL network performance problems, they need to be identified and fixed quickly before causing customer attrition. The TS100 PRO can accurately locate multiple bridge taps in seconds on up to 3, 200 feet ( 975 metres) of cable with the touch of a button.

Used by telecommunications, triple-play/ voice, data, and video professionals, the TS® 100 PRO also gives users a built-in toner with five different tones and patented SmartTone® for exact pair identification and reports AC/ DC voltage from just one end of any two conductor wires, telephone wires, security wires or coax cables. This five-in-one tool is so affordable every technician can have one.

Bridge tap detection for xDSL pre-qualification
Reports distance to multiple bridge taps up to 3, 200 feet ( 975 metres) 
Sees past bridge taps to the end of the cable
Long-distance tester— tests opens and shorts up to 8, 000 feet ( 2.4 kilometres) 
Patented SmartTone tone generator with five different tones for exact pair identification
Built-in TDR ( Time Domain Reflector) 
AC/ DC voltage detection
One-button testing
Built-in toner

Affordable bridge tap detection
Improve xDSL network performance
Five-in-one tool— distance to bridge taps, open and short circuits, voltage detector and SmartTone with five different tones
No complicated set up or expertise required
No interpretation or analyses of complex graphs