PCE SIM50 Spectral Irradiance Light Meter

PCE SIM50 Spectral Irradiance Light Meter

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PCE-SIM 50 Spectral Irradiance Light Meter Measurement range: 150 ... 600,000 lux, 50 ... 2,100,000 mW / m² / Wavelength: 350 ... 850 nm / Internal memory: Stores up to 500,000 measured values.

PCE-SIM 50 is a portable handheld light meter, spectrometer or spectral irradiance meter used to assess the accuracy of medical light sources in real time. The spectrometer's measurement functions include illuminance, spectral light spectrum, CIE chromacity (XY & UV), wavelength of light, color temperature (CCT) in Kelvin, color index CRI Ra, SDCN (ANSI standard), and light output in mW / m². Light measurement takes place in real time, so measurement results appear on the meter's display in 1 ... 4000 ms. The sphere surrounding the meter's 2048-pixel CCD linear array sensor ensures that light arrives at the perfect angle for measurement. The meter's internal memory stores up to 500,000 measured values. The stored data can be transferred to a PC using the meter's mini USB port and the included USB cable. The data can be imported directly into Microsoft Excel.

LED lights have gained popularity in recent years due to their energy efficiency and long service life. Both factors ultimately add up to significant cost savings over time. In medical and healthcare settings, LED lights are used everywhere from examination rooms in clinics to surgical operating rooms in hospitals. Illumination in healthcare facilities is of vital importance; therefore, lighting should be abundant, high quality and low maintenance. Regular inspections of medical lamps and light systems are performed to ensure all devices are operating in compliance with the applicable regulations (e.g., IEC 60601-2-41 and DIN 60601-2-41 VDE 0750-2-41:2016-02). A spectral irradiance light meter, also called a light spectrometer, is ideal for taking spectral measurements of medical lamps and light systems. The meter can detect the light color density, light wavelength, radiation and color temperature. With the help of this instrument, optimal safety and performance of medical light equipment can be realized.

The light systems used in the healthcare industry are designed for patient safety as well as to facilitate the work of the medical professional. Lighting in medical examination rooms performs a number of functions. The light provides good visibility, allowing the doctor to carry out patient examinations to the best of his or her abilities. However, the lighting also must be at a level comfortable to the patient. To accommodate both purposes, often several light sources with varying degrees of illumination are used in the examination room. For example, in a dentist’s office, very bright lighting directed only at a particular spot is used by the dentist during examinations and treatments. In addition to the spotlight, there are additional sources of ambient light to create a comfortable environment for the patients. During examinations that require bright light in close proximity to patients, an important factor is that the light does not produce heat. (This effect often occurs with household table or floor lamps that emit a lot of heat while turned on.)

The absence of heat is necessary for the benefit of the patient, because excessive heat can negatively impact wounds and inflammation. As for lighting allowed in the operating theater, the lights must remain on even if the power suddenly fails. The lamps used in the operating room (OR) light systems must provide perfect illumination of the patient’s body, with the light colors optimized for viewing by the medical staff. OR light systems are also subject to disinfection. Many medical lamps feature rotatable heads to allow surgeons, doctors and nurses the ability to direct the light stream to the appropriate location

CCD linear array sensor with 2048 pixels
Near-instant response time of 1 ... 4000 ms
Spherical surround ensures light hits at perfect angle
Measuring range: 150 ... 600,000 lux, 50 ... 2,100,000 mW / m²
Wavelength: 350 ... 850 nm
Touchscreen LCD screen
Internal memory: Stores up to 500,000 measured values
Data transfer via the meter's mini USB port and included USB cable
Li-ion battery offers approx. 6 hours of continuous use at full charge 

What's In The Box:
(1) PCE-SIM 50 light meter
(1) Power supply
(1) USB cable
(1) Protective bag
(1) Carrying case