HIOKI FT3424 Digital Light/ Lux Meter

HIOKI FT3424 Digital Light/ Lux Meter

Rp. 15,000,000
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The FT3424 is a light meter designed for an extensive range of applications involving illumination equipment, lighting work and facility management. Capable of testing even LED lighting, the FT3424 provides five measurement ranges, 20 lx to 200,000 lx, to support a wide range of luminance levels.

Relative Spectral Response Characteristics in the Visible Spectrum
Human perception of brightness ranges from 380 nm to 780 nm in the wavelength and is the maximum at 555 nm. The lnternational Commission on Illumination (CIE) has established comparative standards for luminosity, setting the maximum perception for 1 and indicating the amount of perception of each wavelength by the relative value, and calculating the average of many people. In this instrument, the relative spectral response characteristics are close to the comparative standards for luminosity.

Product Highlights
Compatible with LED lighting
Complies with DIN 5032-7:1985 class B and JIS C 1609-1:2006 general AA class
Timer hold function lets you make measurements in remote locations while avoiding the effects of shadows and reflections
Save up to 99 measured values in the instrument’s internal memory and transfer them to a computer later for improved work efficiency

Each Unit Includes
Instruction Manual
2 LR6 Alkaline batteries
Sensor cap (with strap)
Carrying case (soft)
Strap (for instrument)
USB cable (0.9 m/2.95 ft)
CD (USB driver, dedicated computer application software, and communications specifications)