EXTECH EA33 EasyView Light Meter with Memory

EXTECH EA33 EasyView Light Meter with Memory

Rp. 9,500,000
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Wide measurement range to 99,990Fc (999,900Lux) with resolution of 0.001Fc and 0.01Lux
Luminous intensity (candela) calculations
Ripple function excludes the effect of stray light from the primary light source measurement
Auto Power off with disable feature
Multiple point average function
Timed-Hold, Relative in absolute value or % deviation, and Comparator function with high low alarms
Cosine and color corrected, CNS 5119 Class II
Complete with built-in stand, light sensor and protective cover with 36" (0.9m) cable, protective
holster, 6 AAA batteries, and carrying case

Large, easy-to-read displays help eliminate mistakes. EasyView Light Meter with Memory measures up to 99,990 fc and up to 999,900 lux, both in five ranges. It stores and recalls up to 50 measurements with relative or real-time clock stamp. Meter includes built-in stand, light sensor, protective cover, holster and 6AAA batteries. Measures 5.9"H x 2.8"W x 1.4"D.

Built-in stand
Light sensor
Protective cover with 36" (0.9m) cable
Protective holster
AAA batteries
Carrying case

Display Counts: 999,999 count LCD. Fc Range:  9.999Fc, 99.99Fc, 999.9Fc, 9,999Fc, 99,990Fc. Lux Range:  99.99Lux, 999.9Lux, 9999Lux, 99,990Lux, 999,900Lux. Max. Resolution:  0.001Fc/0.01Lux. Basic Accuracy:  ±3%. Cosine & Color Corrected:  Yes. Dimensions:  5.9x2.8x1.4" (150x72x33mm). Weight: 11.29oz (320g).