HT Instruments COMBI G2 Multifunction Installation Tester

HT Instruments COMBI G2 Multifunction Installation Tester

Rp. 48,500,000
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COMBI G2 Multifunction Installation Tester is designed to carry out safety tests on civil and industrial electric systems in compliance with IEC/EN61557-1. With its easy to navigate icon menu, color touch-screen display and extensive online support, the instrument is simple enough to use regardless of whether you are a seasoned pro, or just a beginner. However, what stands out the most is its wide range of features, allowing a multitude of measurement applications.

The Multifunction Tester comes equipped with an inbuilt Wi-Fi, allowing easy data transfer to iOS/Android device of your choice, and USB cable for PC. This way report printing can be done either on site, or from the comfort of your office.

COMBI G2 comes with no shortage of accessories, like HT96U, that allows to measure the leakage current. Or IMP57, capable of carrying out high resolution (0.1mOhm) loop/line impedance measurements with prospective short-circuit current calculation. So even when close to power stations, the user will be able to correctly size the protection devices in any system.

Continuity of protection conductors with 200mA
Insulation resistance with 50, 100, 250, 500,1000V DC
Type A, AC, and B general, selective, and delayed RCDs up to 1000mA
Test on earth leakage relay RCDs (with RCDX10 optional accessory)
Line/fault impedance with prospective short circuit current calculation
High resolution line/fault impedance (with IMP57 optional accessory)
Curve B, C, D, and K MCBs and type gG and aM fuses
Selection of length, type, and insulation of the cable under test
Selection of tripping time of the protection device under test
Non-trip earth loop impedance
Phase sequence indication
Voltage drop on main power lines
Power Analysis, Harmonic analysis up to 25th
Leakage current by means of the external transducer HT96U (optional)
Environmental parameters (C/F, HR%, Lux) by means of optional probes
TFT display with touch-screen
Help on-line
Internal memory
USB interface to connect to the PC
Built-in WiFi interface to connect to iOS and Android devices
Rechargeable NiMH batteries (external battery charger)

What's in the Box:
(1) User manual on CD-ROM and quick guide
(1) PT400, Stylus Pen
(1) TOPVIEW2006, Windows Software + Optical/USB Cable C2006
(1) UNIVERSALKIT COMBI, Set of 3 cables, 3 Aligator clips and 3 lead black
(1) C2033X, Cable with banana green, black, blue shuko plug
(1) BORSA2051, Soft bag with two big compartments to transport devices and accessories..
(1) ISO9000, calibration certificate
(1) User Manual