HIOKI 3455 5KV High Voltage Insulation HiTester

HIOKI 3455 5KV High Voltage Insulation HiTester

Rp. 48,500,000
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Accurately measures insulation resistance up to 5T
Step voltage tests can also be carried out with the user setting the time interval for each step
Automatically records insulation resistance at timed intervals to give ‘Polarization Index’ reading
Programmed step voltages from 250V to 5.0kV in 25V steps up to 1.0kV and 100V steps from 1.0kV to 5.0kV
Easy to read backlit display with analogue resistance scale
Display shows: Test voltage, insulation resistance, leakage current, elapsed time and for PI readings the PI plus insulation resistance at both T1/T2
Triple power supply systems - The instrument is fitted with two battery systems: 6 x LR6 batteries form a backup system supporting the rechargeable battery pack – charged via the AC power adaptor.
Down load data includes: Insulation resistance value at different set time intervals, test voltage levels, date & time.

The Hioki 3455 High Voltage 5kV Insulation tester offers simple and safe testing of insulation at test voltages between 250V to 5,0kV. Step voltage tests from 500V to 2.5kV & 1kV to 5kV can also be performed, the time for each step voltage can also be controlled. The test leads are selfcontained within the sealed rugged carry case. The complete unit weighs in at less than 3kg! Test data for different machines/locations can be segregated and stored in up to 100 data file locations. Communication with a PC or laptop is made possible via the free application software and USB lead. With this software stored data can be viewed and test certificates produced.

9750-11/-12/-13 Test Lead
9751-01/-02/-03 Alligator Clip
USB Cable
AC Adaptor
Battery Pack

Testing Voltage: 250V to 5.00kV DC
Measurement Range:  250 V: 0.00 M-Ohm to 250 G-Ohm; 500 V: 0.00 M-Ohm to 500 G-Ohm; 1 kV: 0.00 M-Ohm to 1.00 T-Ohm; 2.5 kV: 0.00 M-Ohm to 2.50 T-Ohm; 5 kV: 0.00 M-Ohm to 5.00 T-Ohm
Accuracy: 250 V: ±5 % rdg. ±5 dgt. (0 to 2.50 G- ohm), ±20 % rdg. ±5 dgt. (2.50 to 250 G- ohm); 500 V: ±5 % rdg. ±5 dgt. (0 to 5.0 0G- ohm), ±20 % rdg. ±5 dgt. (5.0 0to 500 G- ohm);  1 kV: ±5 % rdg. ±5 dgt. (0 to 10.0 G- ohm), ±20 % rdg. ±5 dgt. (10.0 to 500 G- ohm), ±30 % rdg. ±50 dgt. (500 G to 1.00 T- ohm);  2.5 kV: ±5 % rdg. ±5 dgt. (0 to 25.0 G- ohm), ±20 % rdg. ±5 dgt. (25.0 to 500 G- ohm), ±30 % rdg. ±50 dgt. (500 G to 2.50 T- ohm); 5 kV: ±5 % rdg. ±5 dgt. (0 to 50.0 G- ohm), ±20 % rdg. ±5 dgt. (50.0 to 500 G- ohm), ±30 % rdg. ±50 dgt. (500 G to 5.00 T- ohm)
Function:  Insulation resistance mode: Data memory(100 data), measurement value hold, average, bar graph display, timer etc.
Leak current: (1.00nA to 1.20mA)
Temperature: (-10?? to 70??)
Voltage: (DC±50V to 1kV AC 50V to 750V)
All measurement mode: live wire warning, battery indicators, auto power save
Interface:  USB ver 2.0 (full speed)
Display:  LCD with backlight
Power Supply:  LR6(AA) alkaline batteries × 6, 9459 BATTERY PACK, 9753 AC ADAPTER
Dimensions:  260 mm(10.24 in)W × 250.6 mm(9.87 in)H × 119.5 mm(4.7 in)D
Weight: 2.8 kg(98.8 oz)