SPY Pipeline Model 115 (1 to 5KV) In-Plant Holiday Detector

SPY Pipeline Model 115 (1 to 5KV) In-Plant Holiday Detector

Rp. 118,500,000
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The SPY® Models 115 and 125 consist of a solid-state holiday detector instrument, in a sturdy case, with an easy-to-read, easy-to-use control panel and heavy-duty three wire power cord. A loud klaxon horn that can be heard above normal plant noise, and a spring electrode wand with 20 feet of high voltage cable complete the system.
Optional equipment available includes a wide assortment of electrodes, a marker system, a 240/120 step down transformer and high voltage trolley cable assembly.

It is very important that the system be properly grounded by either plugging into a three-prong 120 Volt AC Receptacle and/or connecting a pipe ground to the detector case.
In-plant detectors are similar in design to the portable detectors. The key difference being, the inspection surface moves past the stationary detectors.

Output voltage is infinitely adjustable from 1 kilovolt to 5 kilovolts. Normal output voltage is direct current (DC), unless moisture is detected on the pipe. When moisture is detected, output voltage automatically switches to pulse type output voltage for optimum results.

Included with 115 Kit
1 – In-Plant Holiday Detector
1 – Klaxon Horn
1 – 25 ft Spring/Brush Wand with Brush Kit
1 – Operating Instructions