PHENIX Technologies 475-20B (75kVDC 20mA) Portable DC Hipot Tester

PHENIX Technologies 475-20B (75kVDC 20mA) Portable DC Hipot Tester

Rp. 295,000,000
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The Phenix 475-20B Portable DC Hipot (75kVDC 20mA) with 7" Touch Screen Display is designed to perform accurate testing of electrical switchgear, cables, motors, generators, and protective equipment. This model features touch screen display, auto-ranging meters, automated operation, and data acquisition. It includes a separate always active internal guard mode and will calculate insulation resistance continuously. Additional safety features include an instantaneous and thermal overload protection for the operator and the test object. The proven and rugged design coupled with precision metering and ease of use have made Phenix DC hipots the optimal choice.

The high voltage is generated by a filtered high voltage doubler circuit, that is purpose built by Phenix for the exacting demand of high voltage testing. A solenoid operated discharge switch quickly discharges the load after testing. All high voltage components are housed in an oil filled aluminum sealed grounded dead tank. A shielded high voltage lead allows the operator to safely connect the high voltage output to the test object. The high mA charging current, which is standard with all Phenix DC Hipots allows the operator to quickly and efficiently charge large capacitive loads.

In the standard series the precision metering measured off the high voltage output indicates the output voltage and leakage current on large easy to read digital meters. An analog meter is provided for reading charging current.

Auto ranging Meter for Voltage, up to 4 digits displayed
Auto-ranging Meter for Total Current up to 5 digits displayed
Auto-ranging Meter for Guard Current up to 5 digits displayed. Accuracy of ± (0.5% of reading +LSD)
7” Full-color touch-screen display
Breakdown memory voltmeter
Maximum voltage reached memory indicator
Duration and Dwell Timers
Zero Start interlock
Manual or Automatic output voltage raise/lower
Adjustable rate of voltage rise
Adjustable overcurrent trip point
Communications port for data acquisition
Status bar for system messages
Warning circuit
Insulation Resistance calculation
Locking E-Stop button
USB port for data extraction
Return lead safety retention clip
Shielded guard measurement lead

Discharge Stick
Safety Foot Switch
Custom output lead lengths
Ground Stick

What's In The Box:
(1) Input Power Cable 7’ (2 m)
(1) High Voltage Cable 20’ (6 m)
(1) Ground Return Cable 20’ (6 m)
(1) Instruction Manual