PCE GS2 Portable Radiation Detector

PCE GS2 Portable Radiation Detector

Rp. 18,500,000
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Radiation Detector GS2 with acoustic signal, internal memory and software.
This professional Radiation Detector is a precise instrument to measure alpha, beta and gamma radioactivity. The Radiation Detector has a wide measuring range and can be used for diverse  measurements types as for sporadic measurements in situations, long-lasting measurements or for controls.The Radiation Detector provides with a certified measurement of the environmental radiation as well as the radiation which is artificially increased up to 500 times over the limit value. 

This Radiation Detector has diverse applications. This Geiger meter has been usually used in nuclear power stations. Everyday it is most commonly used in the control of imported goods, as well as to measure the food which has been previously irradiated. This Radiation Detector can be also used to measure natural radioactive radiation as the one which appears near the sea and it fulfills all the requirements when controlling building materials. Radiation values can be recorded in the Radiation Detector memory or they can be transferred to a computer to be valued by means of a device included in the delivery (software and RS 232 data cable).

Accurate measuring instrument
Types of radiations
Big Display
Data Memory
Data can be valued in a PC
Version (GS2) 

What's In The Box:
(1 Radiation Detector GS2 with acoustic signal
(1) Software
(1) Data cable
(1) Battery
(1) User's manual