FW BELL 8030 Three Channel Desktop Gauss Meter

FW BELL 8030 Three Channel Desktop Gauss Meter

Rp. 185,000,000
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The model 8000 series Gauss/Tesla meters utilize Hall effect probes to measure magnetic flux density in units of Gauss, Tesla, Amp/meter, or Oersted. Either steady state or alternating fields may be measured. Each channel is calibrated and linearized independently from data stored within the probes and meters. With a temperature compensated Hall probe, the instrument can also compensate for errors due to variations in probe temperature.

Common functions are activated quickly through the front panel keypad, with each channel having its own identical set of keys. In addition each key has a back light that is illuminated to indicate that it is active. Less commonly used functions are easily accessible through the menu system. 

Sorting or performing incoming inspection on permanent magnets, particularly multi-pole magnets
Testing audio speaker magnet assemblies, electric motor armatures and stators, transformer lamination stacks, cut toroidal cores, coils and solenoids.
Determining the location of stray fields around medical diagnostic equipment.
Determining sources of electromagnetic interference.
Locating flaws in welded joints.
Inspection of ferrous materials.
3-dimensional field mapping.
Inspection of magnetic recording heads.
Designing new magnetic assemblies.

Bright 1/4-VGAReadout 
Large electroluminescent graphic display 
Over 100 standard probes available 
Automatic probe coefficient correction 
Displays in Gauss, Tesla, Amp/meter or Oe 
Relative Mode
Fully menu-driven for easy operation 
Auto Zero and Auto Calibration 
IEEE-488 and RS-232 interface 
CE Compliant 
Manufactured to ISO 9000 standards 
Comprehensive Technical Support

What's In The Box:
(1) Gaussmeter
(1) Zero flux chamber
(1) Probe
(1) Tools
(1) Manual on CD
(1) Carrying case