FW Bell 5170 Portable Digital Gauss Meter

FW Bell 5170 Portable Digital Gauss Meter

Rp. 38,500,000
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The 5100 Series hall effect portable Gauss/Tesla-Meters represent the recent design from the world leader in magnetic AC & DC measuring equipment. This new design incorporates the use of digital signal processing technology making it the world's first hand-held gaussmeter to have a digital signal processor (DSP) on board. F.W.Bell's exclusive Dynamic Probe Connection allows measurements from 0 to 30 KG with basic accuracy of 1%. Typical applications include: Magnetic Testing & Classification, DC & AC Motor Testing, Magnetic Field Mapping, Residual Field Testing, Relay and Solenoid Inspection. All instruments are CE Compliant. 
The 5100 Series Hand-Held Gauss/Tesla-Meters' built-in software eliminates the need for complex calibration procedures. User prompts on the custom formatted LCD allow fast, simple push button operation. All models (5170 & 5180) come equipped with a detachable transverse or axial probe, zero gauss chamber, instruction manual, hard carrying case, four AA batteries and Adaptor. Axial, ultra thin transverse and other style probes are available as options.

Key features also include:
Auto Zero: Yes, the best accuracy in it's class
Data logging capability, Min/Max/Peak Hold
100X lower resolution (with low-field probe), Auto Range
Frequency Response 2X better than Competitor, relative Mode
The only handheld meter with DSP, Universal Serial Bus Interface
4 AA batteries or external adapter
size  (length*width*height): 6.9"*3.9"*1.44"

Key features for 5170 also include:
Auto Zero: Yes, Basic accuracy: 2%
Min/Max: Yes, True RMS: Yes, Auto Range: YES, Sampling Rate: 4 Samples/sec
Frequency Bandwidth: DC-20 KHZ, Ranges(3): Low Range: 200 G, Mid Range: 2 KG, High Range: 20 KG, Ultra Low Range (Low-field probe only): 1 G
Resolution: Low Range: 0.1 G (10 uT), Mid Range: 1.0 G (100 uT), High Range: 10 G(1 mT), Ultra Low Range (Low-field probe only): 1mG(0.1uT)
Display: 3 1/2 digit LCD display, Readings: Either Gauss, Tesla
Operating Temperature 0oC To + 50oC & Storage: -25oC To +70oC
4 AA batteries or +5VDC Regulator external adapter
size (length*width*height): 6.9"(175.26mm)*3.9"(99.06mm)*1.44"(36.57mm)

Complette Set:  Gaussmeter,  4" Transverse Probe,  NA-Power Adaptor,  Manual on CD,  Zero Gauss Chamber,  Hard Carrying Case.