BACHARACH PCA400 (2413-1310) Portable Combustion Analyzer Kit

BACHARACH PCA400 (2413-1310) Portable Combustion Analyzer Kit

Rp. 125,000,000
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The Bacharach PCA400 portable combustion analyzer offers everything needed to commission, tune, maintain and certify any boiler. This unit can be configured to measure up to four gases by selecting from O2 (5 year sensor warranty), CO, NO, NO2 and SO2. NOx is calculated from the NO reading if NOx and SO2 are both required. Additional measurements include ambient, stack and differential temperatures, pressure and differential pressure, and flow.

With a 4.3-inch color touch display and Bluetooth® functionality, users of the Bacharach PCA400 portable combustion analyzer can monitor and analyze data in a variety of ways. The PCA400's on-board memory can store up to 500 sets of records and can be organized in a folder structure for viewing and download at a later time. The Bluetooth® technology allows users to stream data from this Bacharach combustion analyzer, in real-time, to any Bluetooth-enabled tablet or smartphones. This feature becomes most noticeable when tuning large equipment, as the technician does not need to be near the analyzer to view data. Reports can also be generated via the PCA400 including up to five data points, location and equipment information, your company information, logo and more.

Bacharach also offers its B-SMART™ sensor program which utilizes pre-calibrated sensors to eliminate the need for field calibration and allows users to add new sensor types to the PCA400 in the field. The B-SMART™ exchange program also allows for replacement sensors to be shipped to you at a pre-determined interval of your choice. Simply swap the new sensor in for the old and return the old sensor to Bacharach via the pre-labeled container. Because the sensors come pre-calibrated, there is no need for field calibration prior to use and your PCA400 can up and running in seconds.

4-3 in. color touch-screen display
Bluetooth® wireless technology for live data streaming
Long-life O2 sensor (5-year warranty)
Optional NOx and SO2 sensors with Viton probe tubing for emissions testing
Dilution mode protects sensors and allows for use in harsh conditions
Unique B-Smart sensor technology saves downtime and calibration costs
Rugged all-in-one probe connection
Rechargeable Li-Ion, ‘AA’ alkaline batteries or line power options

What's In The Box:
(1) PCA400 combustion analyzer
(1) 12 in. probe
(1) Carrying case
(1) O2, CO, NO, SO2 sensor