KANE 940 Combustion Flue Gas Analyzer (O2/CO/NO/SO2

KANE 940 Combustion Flue Gas Analyzer (O2/CO/NO/SO2

Rp. 88,500,000
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The Kane 940 handheld emissions analyser is ideal for industrial boiler flue gas measurement and analysis. It operates on all boiler types and can display 8 parameters simultaneously showing measurements and calculations of boiler efficiency and pollution.

The Kane940 measures oxygen, flue and nett temperature and calculates carbon dioxide, boiler efficiency, excess air and losses. Carbon monoxide is measured with a hydrogen compensated sensor for increased accuracy. It also calculates CO/ CO2 ratio ( The Poison Index) to give complete readings for effective boiler analysis and safety.

With the addition of an extra sensor, nitric oxide ( NO) can be measured and the total NOx can be calculated. For more accurate pollution analysis an optional NO2 or SO2 sensor can be fitted at time of purchase. The high suction double headed pump allows the analyser to be used in flues with suction over 100 mbar without compromising measuring accuracy. The probe hose is lined with Teflon to reduce absorption of any sample gases.

Hand held and easy to operate
Large display shows 8 different measurements simultaneously
Natural gas, town gas, gascor, light & heavy oils, 
Propane, butane, anthracite, coke, coal and kinsale gas
Measures O2 with a sensor guaranteed for 2 years
Measures CO ( 0-10, 000ppm) , flue and nett temperature

Carbon Dioxide ( CO2) 
CO/ CO2 ratio
Excess air
Pressure sensor for tightness testing and flue draught measurement
Teflon line flue probe hose
Options to measure NO ( 0-5000ppm) , NO2 ( 0-1000ppm) , SO2 ( 0-5000ppm) and calculate NOx
Optional high range CO sensor ( 0-10% ) ( specify when ordering) 
Optional low range NO sensor ( 0-100ppm) ( specify when ordering) 
Infra-red/ serial link for data transfer to printer or PC
Long life, rechargeable battery
Memory stores up to 150 combustion test results