KANE 905 Combution Flue Gas Analyzer (02/CO) Standard

KANE 905 Combution Flue Gas Analyzer (02/CO) Standard

Rp. 72,500,000
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Kane's 905 is a commercial-grade flue gas analyser which is ideal for installing, commissioning and servicing oil, gas and biomass appliances found in commercial applications.

As standard, this commercial gas analyser can be used to perform safety checks, to check CO (carbon monoxide) levels in a room/around the appliance, to perform combustion efficiency and performance checks and to measure flue draught. It also calculates CO2 (carbon dioxide), CO/CO2 ratio, excess air, combustion efficiency, oxygen, differential pressure and has inlet, flue gas and differential temperature modes.

With wireless communication as an option, the Kane 905 combustion analyser is perfect for flue gas engineers who are responsible for the installation, commission and servicing of commerical oil, gas or biomass appliances.

Measures As standard:
O2 0-21%
CO 0-4,000ppm (hydrogen compensated)
Differential pressure
Temperature – inlet / flue gas / differential

Options: (CO and any 2 other sensors)
CO 0-100,000ppm
NO 0-100ppm
NO 0-5,000ppm
NO2 0-1,000ppm
SO2 0-100ppm
SO2 0-5,000ppm

CO/CO2 ratio
Excess air
Combustion efficiency
*NOx (if NO sensor fitted)

Fuel Types:
Natural Gas
28 sec oil
35 sec oil
Heavy oil
Solid fuel
User fuel

Box Contents
Flue gas probe
Protective rubber sleeve
Battery charger
Test report