TIME 1150 Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

TIME 1150 Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Rp. 225,000,000
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TIME1150 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector is a portable, industrial, non-destructive ultrasonic flaw detector, which confirms to EN12668-1 standard, and used to rapidly, and easily inspect work pieces accurately for various defects such as cracks, inclusions and pinhole porosity etc. Further evaluation of these defects can be performed during the testing process. The instrument can be used extensively in many varying fields where materials inspection is required to maintain quality control during manufacturing and production processes, e.g. manufacturing industries, iron & steel industry, metallurgical industry, metalworking, chemical industry, etc. Ultrasonic flaw detectors are also used extensively in the active safety inspection and service-life evaluation of components in such fields as aerospace, railway transportation and boiler pressure vessels, etc. 

• 5.7 inch, VGA color TFT LCD display screen; 
• Simultaneous display A-scan and B-scan waveform; 
• Five different measured values are displayed at the same time; 
• Function such as freeze waveform, peak value, comparative and envelope are available.
• Various colors can be selected and brightness adjustable to meet different environment requirements.
• Language: Chinese, English and Spanish

• With high performance square wave pulse generator which is adjustable. 
• Pulse amplitude (V):100-400, 10V step adjustable; 
• Pulse width (ns):75,100-500, 50ns step adjustable; 
• Impedance (Ω): 50,100,200,500 adjustable; 
• Pulse repetition frequency (Hz): 10 ~ 1000; 
• Working mode: single crystal probe, double crystal probe, transmission. 


Standard Delivery  
Main unit
Lithium battery
Power adaptor (3A/9V)
LEMO-Q9 Probe connecting cable
LEMO-Q6 Probe connecting cable
Straight beam probe (φ20 2.5MHz)
Angle beam probe (φ20 2.5MHz)
Coupling agent
Necklace belt
Wrist belt
Time Certificate
Warranty card
Instruction manual