AQUASOL PRO OX 100  Oxygen Monitor

AQUASOL PRO OX 100 Oxygen Monitor

Rp. 48,500,000
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Aquasol OX-100 OX-100 Oxygen Monitor (0.1-25.0% concentration) Size: 5" x 2.7" x 1"
The OX-100X is a durable, battery powered instrument that accurately measures oxygen concentration with 0.01% (100 ppm) resolution. Its rugged construction, lightweight and compact design enable it to easily fit into a pocket or toolbox. Supplied with a protective carrying case, it also attaches to a belt loop for hands free maneuvering.

The OX-100X monitor’s internal pump draws a sample and its analyzer quickly provides an easy-to-read digital LED display. The stainless steel probe then retracts for easy storage. Designed for use in high purity welding applications in the field, fabrication shop or construction site; the versatile OX-100X is equally suited for the production floor, in research labs or for combustion tuning.

High Purity Welding
The OX-100X is ideally suited for high purity welding where evacuation of oxygen is paramount. Prior to welding, the pipe will be pre-purged to displace oxygen with an inert gas. Constant monitoring of the oxygen level is necessary until it is ascertained that the oxygen has been evacuated to 0.01% to enable the commencement of welding to prevent oxidation, discoloration and coking.

Stainless steel and other alloys oxidize and discolor in the presence of oxygen. The purge monitor will measure traces of oxygen, above 0.01% (100 ppm) being exhausted by the purge gas so that operator knows when a safe level to begin welding has been achieved. For applications requiring even lower oxygen concentrations, continue to purge with inert gas for an additional 2-3 minutes after the 0.01% level has been reached.
The OX-100X accurately measures low concentrations of oxygen in purged tubing and high purity weldments, ensuring a high quality finish.