HANNA HI98193 Portable Dissolved Oxygen and BOD Meter

HANNA HI98193 Portable Dissolved Oxygen and BOD Meter

Rp. 26,500,000
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IP67 rated waterproof, rugged enclosure
Salinity compensation - users can set the salinity value
Automatic pressure compensation - built-in barometer with user-selectable units (mmHg, inHg, atm, psi, kPa, mbar)
Built-in calculations - determination of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Oxygen Uptake Rate (OUR) and Specific Oxygen Uptake Rate (SOUR)
Automatic polarisation of probe at startup
Ready to use PTFE preformed membrane caps
Approximately 200 hours of continuous use

The HI 98193 portable dissolved oxygen meter has extended ranges of up to 50 ppm and 600% saturation. When measuring dissolved oxygen, compensations for salinity, temperature and pressure are essential to improve the accuracy and precision of readings.

Salinity compensation allows for direct determination of dissolved oxygen in saline waters. Temperature compensation is automatic with the probes built-in sensor, which features a one or two-point calibration. Pressure compensation with the meter's built-in barometer can be validated against a reference barometer, and if needed, can be recalibrated in user-selectable units (mmHg, inHg, atm, psi, kPa, mbar). With the internal barometer, the HI 98193 is able to compensate for changes in barometric pressure so there is no need for charts, altitude information or external barometric pressure information.

HI 764073 DO probe
Preformed PTFE membrane cap
HI 7041S electrolyte solution (30 mL)
HI 7040 bicomponent zero oxygen solution
100 mL plastic beakers
HI 92000 PC software
HI 920015 micro USB cable
1.5V AA batteries
Instruction manual
Quick start guide
Instrument quality certificate
HI 760193 rugged carrying case.