METLER TOLEDO DM40 LiquiPhysics Excellence Density Meter

METLER TOLEDO DM40 LiquiPhysics Excellence Density Meter

Rp. 322,500,000
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Elegant ergonomic design, customizable user settings, and multilingual support make the DM family of instruments appealing and easy to use by a wide variety of operators.The DM's intuitive software will automatically convert and display your results in several predefined industrial units such as Brix, HFCS, API degrees, API gravity, alcohol concentration, or any customized table you have specified. - See more at:

Oscillating U-tube is brightly illuminated via LED, providing you enhanced transparency of your sample measuring environment
Bubble Check™ automatic error detection, single-point adjustment of the entire temperature range, viscosity correction, and Peltier temperature control
Built-in algorithms reduce your wait time up to 75% while ensuring generation of reproducible results
Sophisticated yet intuitive software enables you to easily perform complex statistical evaluation methods One Click™ shortcuts allow you to initiate your most frequent methods with a single tap of an icon on the color touchscreen Plug-and-play connection of accessories such as printer, barcode scanner, LogStraight™ biometric fingerprint reader, and ErgoSens™ infrared sensor for hands-free operation
Assisted sample loading and clearing are possible through the addition of FillPal™ and DryPal™ units
Optional EQPac (Equipment Qualification Package) provides comprehensive, detailed qualification guidance (IQ/OQ/PQ) to those working in regulated environments

Expand Your Scope of Measurement
LiquiPhysics™ allows you to add parameters such as pH, color, and refractive index to your density readings
Simply connect a compatible SevenCompact™ pH or conductivity meter, colorimeter, or refractive index cell to the DM module and define the method
Optional LabX™ LiquiPhysics™ Express software captures and manages all of these data points under a single platform
LabX™ also fully supports your CFR 21.11 requirements, provides user management, audit trail, flexible data export options, and fully customized reports

Reliable Standards
Mettler Toledo Certified Combined Density and Refractive Index Standards reduce risk, uncertainty, and error-prone sample transfer Standards come complete with certificates including an easy-to-scan barcode containing all information necessary for calibration
Barcodes save you valuable time, reduce data entry error, and improve traceability

SpecificationsMeasurement Range0.00000-3.00000g/cm3Temperature Range0.0° to 91°CTemperature ControlPeltierTemperature CompensationYesDisplayDigitalSample VolumeApprox. 1.0mL (minimal)Typical Measuring Time30 sec. (5 sec. after reaching temperature equilibrium)LanguagesGerman, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Russian