EAGLE EYE SG Ultra Max Ex Petrol Digital Hydrometer/ Density Meter

EAGLE EYE SG Ultra Max Ex Petrol Digital Hydrometer/ Density Meter

Rp. 98,500,000
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The SG-Ultra Max Ex Petrol digital hydrometer / density meter is designed for petroleum testing applications. This portable tester is commonly used in refineries, fuel terminals, offshore and transportation applications. The SG-Ultra Max Ex Petrol saves time and allows for perfect traceability and documentation of results by automatically logging data with a touch of a button.

The SG-Ultra Max Ex Petrol is intrinsically safe in hazardous testing environments. All wetted parts and the special housing are resistant to petroleum samples and similar solvents. The leak-proof sealed housing is safe against humidity and spills and makes the SG-Ultra Max Ex Petrol suitable for harsh industrial and field conditions. Results are displayed on the LCD screen within seconds and in the unit of your choice (commonly API SG, API Gravity, and API Density for crude oils, fuels and lubricants). Results are also temperature compensated, and can be transferred wirelessly to a PC or Printer via included IrDA cables.

The SG-Ultra Max Ex Petrol is an officially accepted field method for the new ASTM Standard "D7777" which describes the "Test Method for Density, Relative Density, or API Gravity of Liquid Petroleum by Portable Digital Density Meter" with a minimum accuracy requirement of 0.001g/cm3. The unit has an Ex marking II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4.

If you are not testing petroleum or hazardous materials, please see the similar SG-Ultra Max model. The SG-Ultra Max digital hydrometer / density meter offers all the identical features and accuracy of the SG-Ultra Max Ex Petrol, just without the intrinsically safe housing.

Meets IEEE/NERC Requirements
Measures & Stores Results in 3 seconds
Online Battery Tester
Precise & Repeatable
Extremely User-Friendly
Stores up to 4 battery models (for alarm settings)
Stores up to 600 Test Results (IBEX-EX)
Compact & Portable

What's in the Box:
(1) SG-Ultra Max Ex Petrol
(1) 180 mm Sample Tube
(1) 2 mL Plastic Syringes
(1) Luer Adapter 1/4" UNF (for syringe filling)
(1) IrDA Adapters
(1) Interface for Exporting Data to PC
(1) Carrying Case
(1) User Manual