ANTON PAAR Snap 40 Portable Alcohol Meter

ANTON PAAR Snap 40 Portable Alcohol Meter

Rp. 46,500,000
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The Snap 40 portable alcohol meter replaces all glass hydrometers in the microdistillery. It is ten times quicker, easier to use and covers the whole relevant measuring range from 0 % v/v to 100 % v/v. Snap 40 measures the alcohol content of distilled spirits with no added sugar at an accuracy of 0.2 % v/v and gives a clear snapshot of the amount of alcohol currently present. Operation of the alcohol meter is easy and takes place directly at the container. Results are ready in seconds corrected to 20 °C (% v/v) or 60 °F (°Proof).

With cutting edge technology in a robust and long-life instrument, Snap 40 gives distilled spirits from craft distilleries, produced with the highest attention to detail, the high-quality measurement they deserve.

Accuracy of 0.2 % v/v
Measuring range from 0 to 100 % v/v
Easy to read the results off the large bright screen
Results available in seconds
Simultaneous temperature measurement: results automatically corrected to 20 °C (% v/v) or 60 °F (°Proof)
Measurement directly at the container
Easy measuring procedure: just press the lever of the pump to suck up sample into Snap 40
Intuitive user interface
Easy to clean and ready for a long working life

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