SBS 2003 Digital Hydrometer/ Density Meter

SBS 2003 Digital Hydrometer/ Density Meter

Rp. 62,850,000
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Time savings — 5 times faster than conventional methods
± 0.002 accuracy
Measures specific gravity and temperature
Automatically temperature compensated to 77º °F (or 25º Con Celsius model)
Adjustable hand strap
Carrying case
9.5" suction tube (1/8" dia.)
Compact and only 8 oz.
LED display
For lead-acid batteries only
1-year warranty
Bluetooth data transfer to PC/Laptop
1000 reading memory Excel compatible data format for easy import into reports

Battery testing has never been this easy. Simply insert the nozzle into the battery, depress the finger pump, and extract a few drops of sulfuric acid (H2S04) electrolyte. Touch one button and the processor does the rest. Within three seconds you have a temperature-compensated reading of specific gravity and temperature. Field studies show time savings of at least 5 times (500%) using the SBS-2003 Digital Hydrometer over a standard glass hydrometer and thermometer.

Lightweight and easy to use, its rugged and durable construction makes it suitable for use in all industrial environments from Data Centers to Utility Substations. The SBS-2003 Digital Hydrometer is the newest in the 2000 series with added features of internal data storage of up to 1000 readings, blue tooth capabilities for downloading data to a PC/laptop, Excel-compatible data format for easy integration into custom report formats, and a simple to use one-touch menu system built into the instrument.

To measure, simply extract a sample into the suction tube and press the start button. In less than 3 seconds a temperature-corrected specific gravity reading will be displayed. Then a simple push of the button again saves the data and advances the data counter to the next cell, ready for the next reading. No more need to write down hundreds of readings and type them into reports or spreadsheets once you are off of the job site.

Combining a low initial purchase price, easy maintenance, field-replaceable spare parts, and a large data storage memory, the SBS-2003 digital hydrometer is the perfect solution to maintaining productivity in your maintenance efforts.

Sampling Tubes
9V Alkaline Battery
Adjustable Hand
Instruction Manual