FLOWAV PHASER V1000 Portable Velocity Meter

FLOWAV PHASER V1000 Portable Velocity Meter

Rp. 95,000,000
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The Phaser Model V1000 introduces the same technology as police radar guns for use in measuring surface velocity in sewer and water systems, rivers and streams. The Phaser eliminates some of the problems with the currently available hand held type portable velocity systems, including measurement of velocity at low (<2”) depths. The Phaser, while new to the open channel flow metering industry, has been in use for over 10 years in hydrologic and other related systems. Experience in the past year with actual flow service provider field crews has shown that they prefer using this type of device over other hand held devices available in the market today.

Easy to use
To take a velocity measurement, point the PHASER Model V100 at the water surface press, the RCL button and begin measuring  surface velocity flowing towards or away from you.

Outstanding Features
Proven technology
Works at shallow flow depths
Easy to read LCD with backlight
Both vertical and horizontal angle compensation
Rechargeable AA cells
Rugged field tested case

(1) Phaser V1000 Portable Velocity Meter
(1) 12VDC Vehicle Charger
(1) Hard-Sided Carrying Case

Type:Handheld Directional Doppler radar
Accuracy:+/-0.1 ft/s (+/-0.03 m/s)
Ambient Operating Temperature:-22 deg F to +158 deg F(-30 deg C to +70 deg C)
Angle Compensation:Vertical and Horizontal
Controls: Mode, Select, Power
Display: LCD with backlight
Features:DSP, 32-bit processing, user selectable
directional modes (away, towards, or both)
Finish: Black, scratch resistant, powder coated
Frame: Rugged ABS polycarbonate blend
Maximum Humidity:90% relative humidity @ 98.6 deg F
Power:Six (6) NiMH AA cells or detachable 12 Vdc power cable with lighter plug
SpeedMeasurements:Feet-per-second or meters-per-second
Speed Range:.1 ft/s to 43 ft/s (0.03 ms/s to 13 m/s)
Standard Warranty:2 years parts and laborWater Resistance Meets International Standard, IEC 529.1989 and European Community Standard EN60529 Classification IP55
MechanicalDimensions: 10.25 by 3 by 7.25 in. (H x W x L)(26.3 by 7.6 by 18.4 cm)
Weight: 2.1 pounds (0.925 kg)
Microwave: FCC Identifier:HTRCR-1K; Frequency:24.150 GHz nominal (K Band); Beam Width:12 degrees nominal;Polarization Linear: Power Density</= 1 m/W/cm; Power Output: 7 mW nominal
Electrical - Power
PowerRequirements: Six (6) AA NiMH cells or detachable 12 Vdc power cable with lighter plug; Voltage Range:+6.1 Vdc to +8 Vdc; Low Voltage Shutdown:+6.1 Vdc; Detachable Cable:Plugs into automobile lighter outlet
Power Consumption, Backlight ON: Standby (antenna off): 0.105 A; Antenna ON (no target): 0.170 A; Antenna OF F(with target): 0.172 A; Antenna OFF (segment check): 0.166 A; Antenna ON (segment check): 0.180 A