GRAPHTEC GL240 General Purpose Midi Data Logger

GRAPHTEC GL240 General Purpose Midi Data Logger

Rp. 38,000,000
Harga dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu mengikuti perkembangan kurs rupiah terhadap mata uang asing lainnya sehingga sangat mungkin terjadi adanya perbedaan harga yang berlaku dengan harga yang tertera pada website kami.

The GL240 is a 10 channel comprehensive data logger and the best value market leader. This compact, comprehensive datalogger accepts voltage, temperature, humidity, pulse and logic signals. Channel-to-channel isolation means wiring errors or overloaded channels do not affect neighbouring channels. Sensors are connected via rear mounted screw terminals.

Application Industries Benefiting from data logging with the GL240
Greenhouse and Hydroponics
Construction and Civil engineering
Machinery manufacturing
Automotive industry
Utilities / Gas and Electric
Electrical appliance and Office equipment
Food processing

Wireless LAN capability remote monitoring & datalogging
Flexible input system for wide array of applications
Ability to access additional (GL100) sensors & adapters
Extended memory capacity using SD memory card
Max sampling interval up to 10ms
Smartphone access

What's In The Box:
(1) GL240 data logger
(1) 4 GB flash memory card
(1) AC adapter
(1) Software on CD
(1) NIST-traceable calibration certificate.