MERIAM MGP700 MeriGauge Digital Pressure Gauge

MERIAM MGP700 MeriGauge Digital Pressure Gauge

Rp. 68,500,000
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The Meriam MGP7000MS700AI0015 MeriGauge Digital Pressure Gauge with MS700-AI0015 Sensor is the perfect solution for multi-range pressure measurement needs. This pressure gauge is Meriam’s latest offering in the pressure measurement line.

The MGP7000-MS700-AI0015 meriGauge is unique in that it features the capability to support detachable sensors to meet all of your range requirements.The MGP7000-MS700-AI0015 modular system includes a MS700-AI0015 sensor which ranges from 0 psi to 15 psi absolute. To add to the efficiency of this gauge, the small sensors contain the calibration and they are easily exchanged for recalibration so the gauge itself is never "out for recalibration."The MeriSense sensor has been specifically designed to compliment this product and will be compatible with all of Meriam’s future measurement and calibration equipment. The sensors are also available in different types and ranges. The sensor label indicates the type of range. The MeriSense sensors support 32 pressure units.

Compound 0 % to 20 % of Range: ± (0.02 % of Full Scale) 20 % to 110 % of Range: ± (0.1 % of Reading)
Vacuum*: ± (0.02 % of Full Scale) *Vacuum = –14.5 psi
Ranges 15 psi to 3000 psi
Icon based, simple buttons
Gauge works with all meriSense sensors
Portable or fixed installation, even in narrow spaces
Concisely displays more info at a glance
High visibility from a distance
Crisp digital readout in any or no light

What's In The Box:
(4) 1.5 V AA Batteries
(1) MS700-AI0015 Smart Pressure Sensor
(1) User manual
(1) USB cable
(1) CD
(1) Quick start guide
(1) NIST calibration certificate