KELLER LEO3 Series Digital Pressure Gauge

KELLER LEO3 Series Digital Pressure Gauge

Rp. 26,500,000
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The Keller LEO3 is a micro-processor based pressure transmitter with a digital 2-line display. The transmitter indicates the current pressure as well as the loop powered (2 wire) 4-20mA output value or the last registered minimum or maximum pressure.

The LEO3 is available in five pressure ranges, including: 0-4 bar, 0-30 bar, 0-300 bar, 0-700 bar, and 0-1000 bar.

The LEO3 calculates the pressure up to 90 times per second to an accuracy of 0.2% of full scale. The transmitter for the LEO3 is temperature compensated from 0 to 50°C and has a G ¼" process connection. The LEO3 is IP65 rated for protection in a wide range of environments.

All functions of the LEO3, including output configuration, MAX/MIN display and reset, selecting pressure units and zeroing are easily done via two front keys. The LEO3 is BUS-capable and communication with the instrument takes place with Keller PROG30/READ30 software via the RS485 interface.

Ranges available in gauge, sealed gauge, & absolute
-1 to 3, -1 to 10, or -1 to 30 BARG
0 to 30, 0 to 100, 0 to 300, 0 to 700 or 0 to 1000 BAR-SG
0 to 4, 0 to 10, or 0 to 30 BARA
Accuracy: ±0.1%, max. 0.2% FS
0 to 50°C compensated temperature range
8 to 28 V DC supply
Up to 90 times/sec measuring rate
2 times/sec display rate
IP 65 protection, CEI 529

What's In The Box:
(1) Manual
(1) Keller READ 30 Software Zip File (7.8 MB)