FLUKE P3124 Oil Operated Dual PCU Hydraulic Deadweight Tester

FLUKE P3124 Oil Operated Dual PCU Hydraulic Deadweight Tester

Rp. 350,000,000
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Operating Principle
Deadweight testers are the primary standard for pressure measurement. Utilizing the well proven piston-gauge system consisting of a vertically mounted, precision lapped piston and cylinder assembly, accurately calibrated weight masses (Force) are loaded on the piston (Area), which rises freely within its cylinder. These weights balance the upward force created by the pressure within the system.

The pressure is measured when placed on a correctly spinning and floating piston. The total pressure measured is the summation of the weights, plus the piston weight carrier assembly.

Instrument Base
Pressure is generated and controlled by means of a high quality screw press located on the front of the tester. A built-in hand pump is included as standard for all hydraulic models to prime the system and accommodate large volume requirements.

Piston/Cylinder Assemblies
The piston/cylinder assembly is the heart of the P3123-BAR. The assemblies are manufactured from materials that provide stability, durability, and low thermal coefficients and distortion. Fluke Calibration's experience and knowledge of piston/cylinder production and calibration ensures the precision and performance required for today's demanding calibration requirements.

Weight Masses
Standard weight masses are series 3 non-magnetic austenitic stainless steel. Each mass is marked with a serial number and the nominal pressure value relative to the high- or low-pressure piston, when applicable. Optional fractional weights are stainless steel and/or solution heat treated aluminum.

Gravity Correction
Gravity varies significantly with geographical location and this variation has a direct effect on the force of the weights and the accuracy of the deadweight tester. The P3123-BAR can be trimmed to local gravity at no extra cost. If unspecified, instruments will be calibrated to Standard Gravity at 980.665 cm/s2.

Pressure range: 1 to 350 bar
Operating units: bar
Accuracy: Better than 0.015% of reading
Operating fluids: Mineral oil/Shell spindle oil 22, our reference 55-655, viscosity 40 cs@ 20 °C (68 °F)
Dual piston models allow calibration over wide pressure range
Built-in lever style hand pump
Mounted spirit level and adjustable feet
High quality screw press for fine pressure control
Test station design with O-rings eliminates need for PTFE tape or wrenches
Acrylic reservoir provides visibility of fluid level and quality
Improved case with springloaded latches for hood
Built-in drain plug to remove old fluid
Sturdy weight box with hinged lid and side handles for easy transport

What's In The Box:
(1) Fluke P3000-mbar accredited calibration report
(1) Weight mass details
(1) M14 x 1.5
(1) M20 X 1.5
(1) 1/8 inch
(1) 1/4 inch
(1) 3/8 inch
(1) 1/2 inch NPT and BSP female adaptors
(1) Operating fluid (where applicable) and spare seals.