PROCEQ Resipod Bulk Resistivity (381 30 000)

PROCEQ Resipod Bulk Resistivity (381 30 000)

Rp. 155,000,000
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The construction industry is rapidly moving towards performance based specifications for concrete durability of new structures; at the same time the assessing of service life of actual reinforced concrete elements is being a subject of increasing concern in the industry. Half-cell potential, concrete resistivity and concrete cover air permeability are the main and most widely accepted indicators of likelihood of corrosion and estimated durability of a concrete structure.

Proceq’s Profometer Corrosion, Resipod and Torrent instruments are designed and manufactured to assess the durability of concrete structures by measuring corrosion potential, concrete resistivity and permeability.

A complete solution for measuring the electrical resistivity of concrete both in the laboratory under controlled conditions and on site. Standard fixed spacing surface Wenner probe with variable spacing and bulk resistivity accessories. 

Despite being extremely simple to use, ResiPod provides a variety of features that are unique in a concrete surface resistivity instrument.

Fully integrated surface resistivity instrument
Wide measuring range (0 to ca. 1000 kΩcm)
Fast and accurate delivery of measuring results
Highest resolution available for a surface resistivity instrument
Meets the AASHTO standard (38mm spacing) (standard under development)
Current flow indication and poor contact indication
Hold, save and delete function, with onboard memory
USB connection and dedicated PC software
Designed to float (waterproof according to IPX7)
Allows variable probe spacing to be set
Allows replacement of standard tips with accessories

Resipod Bulk Resistivity, 50mm probe spacing, test strip, foam contact pads, charger with USB-cable, software, carrying strap, documentation and case, Bulk Resistivity Accessory