PCE HT225E Digital Concrete Test Hammer

PCE HT225E Digital Concrete Test Hammer

Rp. 65,000,000
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PCE-HT 225E Hardness Tester Features a direct digital display, voice functionality and internal memory.

PCE-HT 225E is a hardness tester or concrete test hammer, also called a concrete rebound hammer or Swiss hammer, used for non-destructive measurements of surface hardness and compression strength. Suitable for use with concrete, rock and building materials, this rebound hammer features a direct digital display, voice functionality, USB port data interface and memory for storing up 200 measurement values.

The manufacturer-calibrated concrete test hammer clearly shows the measured values directly on the attached LCD screen, making the results easy to read. The USB port allows for data transfer to a PC or printer. PC software for data processing is included in the delivery contents.

Manufacturer calibrated
Direct digital display
Voice functionality
USB port data interface
Memory for up to 200 values
Includes software for data processing
Adjustable backlight brightness and energy-saving automatic power off
Pump marking, measuring curve, carbonation depth and upper / lower permissible value limit settings 

What's In The Box:
(1) PCE-HT 225E hardness tester
(1) USB cable
(1) PC software
(1) Grindstone for rough surfaces
(1) User manual
(1) Carrying case