PCE OM15 Portable Digital Stroboscope

PCE OM15 Portable Digital Stroboscope

Rp. 18,500,000
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The PCE-OM 15 Stroboscope Handheld digital strobe tachometer with high / Low range selection, adjustable coarse / Fine flash rates and push-button rate control for slower (x½) / Faster (x2) flashing.

PCE-OM 15 is a handheld stroboscope or strobe tachometer with trigger functionality. This easy-to-use portable digital stroboscope gun features high / low range selection and push-button rate control to scale the flash rate slower (x½) and faster (x2). In addition, two knobs allow coarse and fine adjustment of the flash rate.

When the speed of a moving object matches the flash rate of the strobe, the moving object appears to be standing still. With a slight adjustment, movement can be viewed in apparent slow motion. Slow motion makes it easier to visually inspect the process in action. However, these visual illusions can be disorienting. Take necessary safety precautions to avoid accidental contact with moving objects.

Measuring range: 50 ... 30000 rpm
Bright 6500K xenon light bulb
10 mm / 0.4 in 5-digit LCD
Lightweight yet sturdy ABS plastic housing
High / low range selection
Adjustable coarse and fine flash rates
Push-button rate control for slower (x½) and faster (x2) flashing 

What's In The Box:
(1) PCE-OM 15 stroboscope
(1) Replacement xenon light bulb
(1) User manual