FLUKE 820-2 Portable LED Stroboscope

FLUKE 820-2 Portable LED Stroboscope

Rp. 32,500,000
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The Fluke 820-2 LED Stroboscope is a simple, easy to use tool for stop motion measurement and diagnostic purposes allowing you to investigate and observe potential mechanism failure with confidence on a variety of machinery, in a wide range of industries, all without making physical contact with the machine in question. The Fluke 8202 stroboscope is a rugged, compact, portable strobe ideal for stop motion diagnostics, mechanical troubleshooting, and process or product research and development. 
The Fluke 820 2 LED Stroboscope is more than just a tool to measure rotational speed of machinery without physical contact. It is also an excellent diagnostic tools for a wide range of applications. These include Belt driven machines, Roller bearings/shafts/gears, clutches and cogwheels, resonance vibrations in building foundations, cable and pipe damage, and mixing and dosage processes. In addition, the stroboscope can be used as a strobe tachometer to measure speed instead of using a laser tachometer. In order to use the stroboscope, the component under measure must be visible, and have an identifying mark that can be used as a point reference. 

A strobe tachometer is a useful tool because you can't always get access to the machine shaft to stick a piece of reflective tape to use a laser tachometer or make contact with the moving shaft to use a contact tachometer - using a stroboscope you can "stop" the shaft down to 30 RPM (FPM).

30 to 300,000 FPM (flashes per minute)
0.5 to 5000 Hz frequency range
FPM or Hz frequency setting
0.02% accuracy
Digital pulse width modulation
Multi-line LCD display
Operating temp: 32 to 113°F (0 to 45°C)

What's In The Box:
(1) Protective Case
(1) User manual
(1) External trigger connector