CHECKLINE DS2000-OT Portable LED Stroboscope

CHECKLINE DS2000-OT Portable LED Stroboscope

Rp. 28,500,000
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Measuring Range: 30 - 300,000 FPM (5000Hz, max)
Flash Brightness: 3000 Lux (@ 6000 FPM)
Produces the brightest flash and sharpest image over the entire range to 300,000 FPM
Lifetime LEDs do not wear-out or need replacement
NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate provided
Three (3) AA-Batteries provide six hours of continuous use operation
Market-leading 3000 Lux brightness (measured at 6000 fpm at a distance of 12")bluedot Intuitive controls allow user to quickly adjust flash rate and shift phase
External Trigger Input/Output is optionally available. Specify model DS-2000LED-OT
User-selected units of Hz or FPM (Flashes Per Minute)
2-Year warranty
IP 65 rated housing provides protection from water jets

Designed for maximum performance, portability and ease of use, the DS-2000LED is a hand-held battery powered LED Digital Stroboscope for use in speed measurement as well as for motion analysis. It is fitted with seven (7) state-of-the-art, super-bright LEDs mounted in a precision-machined aluminum head with optimized optics, providing the highest light output of similar strobes on the market. Produces up to 3000 Lux!

The DS-2000LED can operate even at the highest flash rates for up to six hours continuously on a single set of three (3) standard AA-batteries . Keypad controls adjust flash rate in single increments as well as special keys for 2X and รท2 functions. Other user-programmable settings include flash duration, phase shift, delay and much more.

Supplied in a high-impact plastic with rubber protective sleeve providing additional protection as well as improved grip for the operator. Lifetime LEDs do not wear-out or need replacement making this product ideal for use on the factory floor, in the field or in the laboratory. Applications include ideal for speed, motion and vibration analysis, on rotating shafts, fans, cams, hi-speed motion analysis for speakers or ink-jet printing and more.

DS-2000LED Strobe is supplied in foam-fitted carrying case with 2 sets of 3x-AA batteries (6 batteries total), Traceable Calibration Certificate and Operating Instruction Manual.
DS-2000LED-OT Strobe also includes connector for external trigger signal and 3 meter/10ft. trigger cable.