WTW MultiLine 3630-SETF IDS Portable Multiparameter

WTW MultiLine 3630-SETF IDS Portable Multiparameter

Rp. 95,000,000
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The compact, digital precision meter Multi 3630 IDS enables you to carry out pH measurements, ORP measurements, conductivity measurements, dissolved oxygen (D.O.) measurements and turbidity measurements quickly and reliably. The Multi 3630 IDS provides the maximum degree of operating comfort, reliability and measuring certainty for all applications.

The Multi 3630 IDS supports you in your work with the following functions:
Proven calibration procedures
Automatic stability control (AR)
Automatic sensor recognition
CMC (continuous measurement control)
QSC (sensor quality control).

Wireless IDS Options
No cables
Securely connected
Same module for all parameters Multi 36 x 0 IDS
Two field-tested waterproof USB interfaces
Connection of USB memory stick or selected printers
Data transfer to PC or Laptop with MultiLab®Importer Excel plugin
Rechargeable batteries for charging in the meter
Stationary power supply with mains voltage or via USB
Perfect for long data series: memory for 10,000 automatic and 500 manual records Multi 3510 IDS
 Waterproof Mini USB-B interface for fast data transfer to PC
Reliable power in the field by alkaline manganese batteries
Secure stationary power supply via USB Proven IDS technology with new advantages
Premium sensor technology combined with advanced measurement electronics
IDS sensors store serial numbers and calibration history for immediate operation
Current rating of sensor quality with IDS pH electrodes by QSC (Quality Sensor Control)
Plug head sensors are available for measurement with IDS wireless modules

What's In The Box:
(1) MeterMulti 3630 IDS
(1) Digital pH electrodes SenTix® 940
(1) Digital conductivity cell TetraCon® 925
(1) Optical DO probe FDO® 925
(4) NiMH rechargeable batteries 1.2 V Mignon type AA
(1) USB cable (A plug on mini B plug)
(1) Power pack
(1) Short instructions
(1) Detailed operating manual (4 languages)
(1) CD-ROM :
USB drivers
Detailed operating manual
Software MultiLab Importer