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Multiparametric measure : Organic matter ( COD, BOD, TOC, TSS) specific compounds ( NO3, Detergents) 
All type of waters ( Natural water, raw sewage water, treated water, process water) 
Fast, reading in less than 1 minute
Convenient, easy-to-use
Without reagent
User friendly

Traditional measurement methods are not adequate to cope with the problems of water ressources and with environmental attacks. SECOMAM, in association with
Mr Olivier THOMAS of the Ecole des Mines d’ Alè s, has develop­ ped an alternative technique based on the analysis of UV absorption spectra of the samples.
This technique brings about a considerable gain in term both of cost and time.

Application fields : 
Control of organic and particulate pollution
Protection in the face of accidental pollution incidents - Process control
Control of the conformity of discharges in the receiving environment.

Multiparametric : The PASTEL-UV is able to measure 6 parameters simultaneously and thus permits rapid characteri­ sation of the effluent. These parameters can be varied from one user to another.

Rapidity : After the sample has been taken with a micro­ pipette and the quartz cuvette has been filled, ana­ lysis and reading of the results takes no more than a minute.
This rapidity makes it possible to carry out a large number of measurements and to react in real time in cases of accidental pollution or of a process inci­ dent.

Simplicity : The sample does not require pre-treatment ; if the sample is too concentrated, the apparatus itself will calculate the dilution factor to apply. PASTEL-UV can be used by personnael who do not possess special qualifications in chemistry.

Economy : PASTEL-UV operates without reagents and without consumables ; the cost of running the machine is therefore independent of the number of analysis performed.
Autonomy : Its autonomy in the field encompasses 100 measu­ rements and it can memorize up to 200 results.
Traceability : All the data can be stored with a sample number, the user code, the site code and the date.

Technical specifications
Spectral range 200 to 350 nm
Measuring cuvette 2 optical path : 5 and 10 mm
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 32 x 17 x 35 cm
Output Display screen ( 64 x 128 pixels) 
RS232C bidirectional
Power supply Internal Battery 100 readings
External 1 10/ 240V / 50/ 60Hz
Power 35 Watts
Reference 70MP0316