TOA DKK WQC22A Water Quality Checker

TOA DKK WQC22A Water Quality Checker

Rp. 85,000,000
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The WQC-22A Water Quality Checker is an advanced, portable, multi-parameter instrument which can measure water quality in terms of six fundamental parameters. These are pH, conductivity, DO, turbidity, temperature and salinity. This instrument is suitable for a broad range of applications such as monitoring rivers, lakes & dams, agriculture, industrial effluent, sewage and seawater.

Calibration by keypad entry:
Calibration can be easily carried out by pressing the MODE, SELECT and CAL Keys.

Rugged Instrument Case:
The meter and display section have been designed for outdoor field use.

Salinity measurement available:
Based on conductivity reading.

Robust Sensor Probe:
Probe has been designed for field applications and is constructed from corrosion resistance materials.

Wide conductivity measurement range:
Two ranges enable wide measuring range.

Choice of turbidity units:
Both NTU (Formazine) and mg/L (Kaolin) are available.

Least significant digit (LSD) on/off feature:
The LSD of DO, pH & conductivity (low range) can be selected for display. 

No extractive sampling required:
Sensor can be thrown into the water such as a lake, river, dam etc. (standard cable length: 2m).