YSI 556 with 10 Meter Cable Water Quality Meter

YSI 556 with 10 Meter Cable Water Quality Meter

Rp. 98,500,000
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The YSI 556 MPS simultaneously measures and displays pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, ORP, and temperature. Salinity or total dissolved solids can also be displayed instead of conductivity. Features like field replaceable electrodes and screw on cap style DO membranes allow the 556 to lower the cost of ownership while at the same time replacing many different instruments with one, fully featured and rugged, handheld unit. Advanced features like datalogging, graphing, GLP assistance, and multiple language capabilities are all standard. Options lilke a built in barometer for DO calibrations, rechargeable battery packs, and a flow cell are also available.

Every 556 includes YSI’s EcoWatch software for data analysis and retrieving data from the instrument. The standard datalogging has enough memory to store 49,000 points of data and can log either manually or at preprogrammed intervals. PC connection is handled through an RS2323 serial interface with the included cable.

Reliable and accurate measurements are obtained by YSI’s polarographic DO sensor, 4 electrode conductivity cell, a glass combination cell for pH, a platinum button for ORP, and YSI’s temperature precision thermistor. Conductivity readings are automatically temperature compenstated and DO readings are compenstated for salinity. The optional internal barometer can be user calibrated and is used for DO calibrations or for logging changes in barometric pressure.

The YSI 556 MPS is field rugged with an IP67 rate waterproof and impact resistant enclosure. Both the cables and all the electrodes are field replaceable, removing the need to send the unit in for service with damaged cables or sensors. Designed for the toughest environments, even the dispaly automatically adjusts its contrast for temperature conditions. The 556 can be powered from either 4 C alkaline batteries or from an optional rechargeable battery pack. Runtime is 180 hours from alkaline batteries and 50 hours from the rechargeable battery pack. The battery pack can be recharged while still installed in the instrument.

556 MPS Features
Simultaneously measures and displays pH, DO, conductivity, ORP, and temperature
Can calculate salinity and total dissolved solids
electrodes and cables are user replaceable
Optional internal barometer
Optional rechargeable battery packs
Datalogging standard
EcoWatch software compatible
Assists with GLP (good lab practices)
Easily replaceable screw on DO membranes
User upgradable firmware
IP67 rated waterproof enclosure
Cables available in multiple lengths up to 20 meters