FLUKE 1502A Tweener Thermometer Readout

FLUKE 1502A Tweener Thermometer Readout

Rp. 78,500,000
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The The Fluke Calibration 1502A256 Tweener Thermometer Readout for RTD, RTD and SPRT Probes features accuracy up to ±0.006 °C. In addition, it reads 100-ohm, 25-ohm, and 10-ohm probes, and has a resolution of 0.001 °C across its entire range. It also has an optional battery pack for completely portable operation.

Each Tweener is programmable to match a probe's constants for maximum linearity and accuracy. All probe constants and coefficients are programmed through simple, front-panel keystrokes. Temperature is displayed in °C, °F, K, or resistance in ohms.

The Fluke Calibration 1502A-256 accurately measures the resistance of the probe and then converts the resistance into a temperature value, using its built-in algorithms.

Temperature range: -200 °C to 962 °C (-328 °F to 1764 °F)
Resistance range: 0Ohm to 400 Ohm, auto-ranging
Probe: Nominal RTPW: 10Ohm to 100Ohm RTD, PRT, or SPRT
Resistance accuracy (ppm of reading): 0Ohm to 20Ohm: 0.0005Ohm; 20Ohm to 400Ohm: 25 ppm
Temperature accuracy: ±0.004 °C at -100 °Cl ±0.006 °C at 0 °C; ±0.009 °C at 100 °C; ±0.012 °C at 200 °C;
      ±0.018 °C at 400 °C; ±0.024 °C at 600 °C

What's In The Box:
(1) User Manual
(1) Power Cord
(1) Probe Connector
Optional Probe must be purchased separately