FLIR T1030SC HD Quality Advanced Scientific Thermal Camera

FLIR T1030SC HD Quality Advanced Scientific Thermal Camera

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FLIR T1030sc HD-Quality Advanced Scientific Thermal Camera Details
Note: the FLIR T1030sc pack includes your choice of a 12, 24 or 45 degree lens as standard.
Using the dropdown box, select between one of the available options when ordering.

Take your scientific studies to the next level with FLIR's ultra-powerful scientific thermal camera, the T1030sc.
Boasting an incredible, full HD thermal detector, extra-high thermal sensitivity and a range of advanced features, the T1030sc gives incredibly precise, easy-to-analyse temperature data and is a must for absolutely any research laboratory.
The T1030sc even allows you to capture lossless HD radiometric imagery at up to 120Hz, with the ability to view, acquire data, analyse fndings and share your studies with others using FLIR's ResearchIR Max software (included) or in compatible packages such as MathWorks MATLAB (sold separately).

FLIR T1030 Printed Circuit Board ExampleAmazing Thermal Image Quality
The FLIR T1030sc is one of the only thermal cameras on the market with HD-ready optics, producing thermal images that are significantly more detailed than practically all cameras on the market.

This high quality HD detector combines together with industry-leading thermal sensitivity to ensure all temperature measurements are as accurate as possible; every image taken on the T1030sc thermal camera is also fully radiometric so you can hone in on every single pixel in the image and get a temperature reading.
You can expect all of the following from FLIR's powerful T1030sc thermal camera:

HD-Quality Thermal Imaging at 1024 x 678 Pixels - see the world in thermal in incredible levels of detail thanks to the T1030sc's built-in LWIR uncooled high definition detector
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) of <20mK - more than twice as sensitive as the industry standard, the T1030sc picks up on even the smallest differences in temperature
FLIR OSX Precision HDIR Interchangeable Lenses - swap out your lens and always gain high fidelity thermal images with accurate thermal measurements at any focal length
FLIR MSX and UltraMax Modes included - FLIR's Vision Processor delivers smooth, detailed imagery with thermal and digital image blending (FLIR MSX) the ability to enhance thermal images to even higher levels of detail using software with FLIR's UltraMax mode
Fast 30Hz Frame Rate - smooth images, even when moving
Ultra High Accuracy of ±1°C - the highest accuracy out of all products available in FLIR's scientific range
FLIR T1030Portability, Flexibility and Packed with Features
The FLIR T1030sc is powered by lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, so whether you're working out in the field or in the lab examining circuit boards, the T1030sc is ready for the job.

This scientific thermal camera is designed with ease of use in mind with fast responding buttons, a high quality touchscreen and a huge range of analysis features and functions designed to enhance your thermal imaging capabilities significantly.
Use it Anywhere - the FLIR T1030sc is fully suitable for use anywhere from outdoors to the in the lab thanks to rechargeable batteries
WiFi Communication - simple image sharing, remote control and viewing over quick wireless connection
Four Programmable Buttons and Two Programmable Measurement Functions - quick, seamless access to your most commonly used functions
Real-Time Radiometric Video Streaming to PC and on-Camera Radiometric Recording - view your findings completely in real time on a PC using FLIR ResearchIR software, or store them on the image for further analysis at a later date
Built-in GPS/Compass - location data and camera direction information automatically added to every image
Multiple Focus Options - automatic, continuous automatic and manual focus all available
Large-Size Capacitive Touch Screen - 4.3 inches in size with 800 x 480 pixel image quality
Auto-Orientation - the FLIR T1030sc automatically detects whether you are holding the camera landscape or portrait and adjusts the screen accordingly
Multiple Image Analysis Modes - includes 10 spotmeters, 5+5 areas (with boxes and circles) and the ability to measure MAX, MIN and AVG temperatures
Multiple Annotation Modes - record 60 second voice annotations using Bluetooth, sketch directly on images using the touchscreen or add simple text comments to your images
Advanced Analysis with FLIR ResearchIR Max Software

The T1030sc works seamlessly with FLIR's included software package, ResearchIR Max.
Using the software, you can control, download and analyse your findings from the T1030sc and even perform real-time analysis.

Features of this software include:
Multiple Measurement Analysis Tools - provides fast, detailed image analysis using spot, line, area and freeform measurement tools
Advanced Tools - set object parameters, view source information, set the image segmentation tool and display the explorer file manager
Customised Workspaces - use the 'float and dock' interface to arrange the displa of imagery, data, charts and plots. Charts can be 'docked' into the ResearchIR workspace or presented as free-standing windows
Temperature, Radiance or Digital Counts Measurements - toggle between digital counts, radiance or temperature units when displaying, recording or analysing imagery
Charts and Graphs - line profiles and histogram charts are easy to make for the entire image or any measurement tool
Temporal Plots - measurement tools or functions can be plotted against absolute time, relative time or frame count
Movie and Snapshot Analysis - perform analysis even when connected live to the camera, or use the playback mode with recorded snapshots and movie sequences
Statistics Table - view measurement tool statistics and create custom functions for further analysis
Emissivity Calculator - manually adjust the emissivity value for any measurement tool
Spatial Calibrations - used to calibrate image pixels and measurements tools to length and area units like millimetres, metres, inches and feet
Custom Thermographic and Radiometric Calibrations - a calibration wizard will guide you step-by-step through the creation of your own thermographic and radiometric calibrations
Measurement Function Editor - create mathematic functions for custom measurement analysis and graphically present them on temporal plots
What's Included?

When buying this kit you will receive:
FLIR T1030sc Thermal Camera
Your Choice of 12, 24 or 45 Degree Lens
2 x Rechargeable Batteries
Battery Charger
Hard Transport Case
Large Eyecup
Lens Cap
Bluetooth Headset
SD Card
Neck Strap
USB Cable
Calibration Certificate
ResearchIR Max Software
FLIR Tools Software Download Card
User Documentation on CD-ROM
Printed Documentation