ISOTECH QuickCal 550-02 Blackbody Source

ISOTECH QuickCal 550-02 Blackbody Source

Rp. 86,500,000
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When high accuracy is not necessary these two products offer cost effective solutions for the calibration and testing of infrared thermometers. The Quick Cal Blackbody is ideal for rapid and portable checking of infra red thermometers. The Greybody Model 975 gives fast accurate results with a larger sensing area, and less emissivity.

A temperature sensor sits just under the target surface and controls the temperature of the source. A custom designed surface sensor is used to set the controller calibration and a traceable certificate is supplied with each source. Either model can be programmed in Fahrenheit or Celsius operation..

Low Cost
Very Portable
Fast Response Times

What's In The Box:
(1) Instruction manual